26 Signs You’re a True Country Gentleman

Here are 26 qualities of a true country gentleman.

Guys, let’s be honest – most women are waiting to be charmed into a first date. Now, before you come off as a total creep, run through this list of etiquette musts.

1. He opens the door for her

This includes a car door– sometimes you just need to go back to the basics.

2. Pays for the first date

It’s tough in a world of feminism, but still a nice gesture.

3. Smiles at people
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4. Compliments how she looks

Country gentleman let a girl know when she looks nice.

5. Keeps his truck clean

There’s nothing wrong with a little mud on the tires. But if a lady can’t get into your car without crushing old McDonalds bags, you’ve got a problem.

6. Calls instead of texts

Country gentlemen aren’t shy.

7. Not afraid to wear a tie

A true country gentleman doesn’t mind cleaning up for the gal.

8. Answers the phone when mom calls

9. Respects his elders

10.Works harder than others

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11. Has a good time anywhere

12. Doesn’t dress like a high school boy

Sure, you love tee shirts. But you have to grow up sometime.

13. Always tries to be honorable

You’re not perfect, but you should try to make the right decision is tough situations.

14. Gives up his seat at the bar

15. Can do basic car maintenance


Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows his way around an engine.

16. Carries the bags

17. Picks a girl up for the first date

18. Can actually cook a decent meal

You don’t have to be a chef, but at least know how to make some decent chicken and biscuits.

19. Is most comfortable outdoors

Your favorite places should be breathing in the fresh air.

20. Gets her home at a reasonable hour

At least this applies on the first date.

21. Surprises her with flowers

You don’t need an occasion to be sweet.

22. Gets to know the girls parents

This will go a long way if she turns out to be the one.

23. You’re not afraid of a little romance

Flicker/ Pablo Fernandez

Sure, you’re a tough guy. But you can make time for her favorite Nicholas Sparks film.

24. Brings home a hunt

Country gentlemen share their hunt with others.

25. Pulls out the chair for ladies

This doesn’t get old.

26. Doesn’t pick a fight

A real gentleman knows when to back down.

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26 Signs You’re a True Country Gentleman