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25 Reasons You Need to Get Texas Barbecue Right Now

Every day I wake up, I'm grateful that I moved to the tasty state of Texas where some of the best barbecue joints are 30 minutes away, and taco trucks roam the streets. However, something happens when you live next to such great food: you just don't eat it. Real life gets in the way, and shelling out $20 for a pound of brisket isn't always feasible. So this is my call to action for everyone to hit their local barbecue joints this weekend. When was the last time you had a slice of brisket with a softly crisp crust and a gorgeous smoke ring? It was too long ago, whenever it was.

Are you ready to get real hungry real fast? I made it through four of these photos and had to take a lunch break so if it happens to you, I understand. Now let's hit it.

25. Because you deserve a good slice of brisket.

24. Because lamb ribs just taste better in Texas.

Lamb ribs in Gonzalez @gonzalesfoodmarket

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23. Because red-checkered paper just reminds you of home.

Lunch break in Texas.

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22. Because mac n' cheese is a delicacy in these parts.

21. Because ribs shouldn't need barbecue sauce and here, they don't.

We had to stop here!!????? ? #oneofthebestbarbecuespotsintexas #lockhart

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20. Because you haven't had a Big Red in forever.

@drinkbigred goes best with @kentblacksbbq #drinkbigred #EatMoreBarbeCue

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19. Because you know how to skip the lines.

18. Because you can order the whole menu and no one will blink an eye.

How's your day going?

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17. Because you are encouraged to fill your tray.

16. Because even the pecan pies are tasty.

Nice to MEAT you!! Want the perfect way to watch #Superbowl? It's with some good ole Texas style BBQ. (Patriots or Eagles?) who are y'all going for?! ? ? ? ? ? ?@luling_city_market 35 years of awesome TEXAS BBQ ?Brisket (what they are known for) Turkey, ribs, pecan pie, and jalapeño sausage (my personal favorite) it is amazing.. the perfect snap and spice! ? ? ? ? ? ? #eeeeeats #hypefeast #foodiefeature #houstonhotspots #eater #devourpower #eatfamous #besthoustonfood #explorehouston #dailyfoodfeed #tastethisnext #tryitordiet #foodpornshare #eatingfortheinsta #houstonfood #lulinggchtx #houstonplaces #houstonfoodies #bestfood_aroundtheworld #forkyeah #foodadvernture #houstonfoodie #foodlover #foodiefeature #foodilysm #houstonbbq #bbqtime #bbqchicken #bbqsauce @thisisinsiderfood @buzzfeedfood @beautifulcuisines @thrillist @tastingtable

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15. Because when was the last time you had epic pickled vegetables?

14. Because the baked beans (and the portions) are always good enough to swim in.

13. Because when was the last time you saw a pit look this good?

When in #Texas #awesome #smoked #bbq #foodie #foodpic #foodphotography

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12. Because you haven't had meat that looked like this in awhile.

#cryingoveryou #bestbeefribintx #whichmeanstheworld #thechurchofholysmoke

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11. Because you have to drive down farm roads to get there.

The real reason you come to East Texas ?#bbq #foodporn #countrylife

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10. Because the sausage is big enough to slap someone. Not that you should.

9. Because if the meat isn't enough, you can get Tater Tot Casserole.

8. Because you can get a little bit of everything.

7. Because even the grease tastes good.

Tag someone who needs a little bbq porn in their life! ?

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6. Because we even have love for Kansas City Style barbecue in Texas.

#datenight KansasCity style #bbq on the East side tonight

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5. Because you might've forgotten what the meat sweats feel like.

And indeed, it 'twas good. #meatsweats

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4. Because even the sandwiches are better.

?? Bar - B - Q

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3. Because the ribs are good whether they're wet or dry.

2. Because you've earned that half of a chicken.

1. Because you live in a state that has the best barbecue joints in the world.

Proper Texas breakfast @snowsbbq. #texasbbq #txbbqpassport

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So, did I convince you? Notice how we picked barbecue joints from all across the state. The location is listed with each photo, so try a new place out this time!

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