Shiplap & Farmhouse Sinks: 21 Southern Kitchens We Love

Southern kitchens are steeped in sunlight, always have plenty of space for a Sunday night dinner spread, and must have a farm-sized kitchen sink large enough to hold all the dishes that come with feeding copious amounts of friends and family. Large islands are a staple in any Southern kitchen because they are the perfect place to spread out a buffet or gather around in the morning while waiting for a serving of fluffy pancakes in the morning and mixing and matching any design elements are always acceptable.

Just like Southern hospitality, kitchens in the South ooze sophistication while maintaining that practical, lived-in charm. Often times kitchens in the South perfectly blend classy style with rustic elements, balancing these two extremes just like the ingredients in a refreshing mint julep. Here are 21 Southern kitchens we can't help but fall in love with because of their beauty and practicality.

1. Clean lines with a little bit of quirk.

The addition of a ceramic moose head add just enough interest to this simple space.

2. Frilly style is a must.

Classic white brightens this Southern space, while the frills of bows and other accessories enhance the overall charm.

3. Reclaimed wood as a modern backdrop.

The cleverness of this spaces comes from its use of rustic, distressed wood in contrast with the smooth lines of the cabinets, to create a space that is flirting with functionality and sophistication.

4. Traditional style is always on the table.

The dark wood of this kitchen speaks as if it has been around for ages while the modern glass backsplash promises you that we're in modern times.

5. Large windows, large farm-style sink.

Large windows overlooking a lush garden while you are elbow deep in dishes soaking in an over-sized farm sink is the stuff Southern kitchen are all about.

6. Distressed elements in contrast with pure white perfection.

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The antiqued swirl of one element of this shelving unit brings that Southern essence in this otherwise pearlescent dreamscape.

7. Antiques with a modern pop of color.

Bring your antiques to life by grouping them with similar colors and then adding a pop of color or two.

8. Modern disguised as antique.

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This kitchen incorporates elements of times past with vintage-looking knobs and an oven that appears like it could have easily been my great-grandmother's, but the guise here is that all of these elements have been made very recently.

9. An island to gather around.

With a lofted ceiling hovering over this very large island, this space leaves plenty of room for all of your guests to sit comfortably.

10. Open cabinets add charm.

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This kitchen oozes class with its streaked marble countertops, but still reads as a comfortable space because of its open cabinet design.

11. Large windows are a must in any Southern kitchen.

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Large windows allow the space to feel larger by bouncing natural light all around the room.

12. Mixing materials.

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The warm woods, colors in the rug, and distressed cabinets make this kitchen feel lived-in and comfy like your favorite sweatshirt.

13. Over-stuffed chairs are a must in any Southern dining area.

Southern kitchens are all about classic sophistication with the luxury of comfort and this dining room is a perfect example of that.

14. Chandeliers are always a good time.

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Chandeliers add a dusting of sparkle to any Southern kitchen and go great with the rich lines of marble and casual curtains in this space.

15. Dark, distressed wood pops against clean white lines.

The contrast of the dark, rustic countertops against the clean white tile and cabinets create a Southern sophistication that allows the room to have a calming effect.

16. Barn doors aren't just for barns anymore.

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Painted barn doors are a great way to separate any space when you need to while allowing for that same space to be opened when need be.

17. Butcher block countertops are making a comeback.

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Butcher block countertops are practically indestructible because the more nicks they collect the more charming they become.

18. Charming accessories are a must.

Mix and match your favorite trinkets by colors and texture to add a touch of interest to your kitchen space.

19. Exposed brick exudes that farm house-feel.

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The combination of the collections of hand-picked items, the antique stove, and the exposed brick makes this kitchen burst with the comfort of the South. Mint julep anyone?

20. Plan private seating areas within your kitchen space.

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Private seating areas create the perfect little intimate spaces within a larger space to make anyone feel like they can get away while still hanging out in the most visited room in the house.

21. Mix and matched.

Mixing and matching any design element creates the feeling that you charmingly put these items together on accident, when in fact, the best way to achieve this is by pre-planning your mixed spaces.

By sticking to a couple of different colors and objects that are being varied while keeping everything as monotone as possible will achieve this carefree look.

Which kitchen designs have you used in your kitchen? Share with us on Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats.

This post was originally published on December 23, 2017.

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