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A Look at the Texas Winners of the 2018 Good Food Awards

What does 'good food' mean to you? While some might rely on taste, others take into account the ambience and business practices of the establishment in question. Does your favorite restaurant practice sustainability? How much of a community environment do they invoke? These questions are the core of the Good Food Awards, held annually by the Good Food Foundation. As their mission states, "the Good Food Awards recognize that truly good food—the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities—contains all of these ingredients." 

Each year, the Good Food Awards highlights businesses in the food world that build strong communities; contribute to and honor social and environmental responsibility; and put flavor above all else. This year's winners were announced, and four Texas business made the cut.

Beer: Strange Land Brewery for Atholl Brose, Scotch Ale

Located on Bee Cave Road in Austin, Texas, this brewery has been cranking out underrated brews for years. With a unique taproom that features wide open space and board games, it's a nice treat to get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin.

While honored for their Scotch Ale, their IPA (featuring a fun flamingo can) is a notable addition to their regular lineup that also includes the fan-favorite Austinite, a Pilz style. Also this staff writer can attest to the kindness of the Strange Land Brewery community—I was once on a bowling team with two of the team members!

Coffee: Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters for Natural Process, Organic Ethiopian Guji 

In the Expo Park neighborhood of Dallas, you'll find Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters. Their mission to create ethically traded and sustainable coffee, while supporting the farmers who grow the coffee. Their Ethiopian Guji was selected by the Good Food Awards as one of the winners in the coffee category this year, and for good reason.

Their roasting philosophy is so much more than you might think, and the science and passion they've applied to their coffee is evident in every cup.

Fish: Lox, Box, and Barrel, Celtic Seafare for Traditional Cold Smoked Salmon

Lox, Box, and Barrel is located in Austin off Highway 290, and their restaurant mission reflects the overall do-gooder nature of Austin. With a focus on fresh, sustainable, and natural ingredients, they craft menus based on what they can procure through local Texas farmers and producers.

We hope to see them at the East Austin Urban Farm Tour this year, but in the meantime, you can find us chowing down on the cold smoked salmon.

Spirits: Balcones Distilling for Baby Blue

In the land of Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco sits Balcones Distillery. Distilling since 2009, the brand has made a name for itself based on its smooth spirits and meticulously sought-out ingredients. Using local ingredients from the American Southwest, including New Mexico and Texas, they bring the full-bodied flavors you find here into their whiskies and more.

The Baby Blue won the Good Food Award this year, but you can't go wrong with any of the offerings, from their Texas Single Malt Whiskey to the Brimstone and Rumble varieties.

To view the full list of winners from each state, check out the Good Food Awards 2018 list.

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