Texas Court Orders Randy Travis’ DWI Arrest Video to Be Made Public

Grayson County Sheriff's Office

It was four years ago that Randy Travis was driving while drunk and arrested. The legal matters from the charge are now behind him. However, Travis is still fighting the results of this case today. Now, a Texas judge says that the dash cam footage of that arrest will become public.

At the time of his arrest, Travis was driving near the town of Tioga, Texas. Police found Travis naked and drunk, and the dash cam caught the whole arrest. Eventually, officers did redact the video to cover Travis from the waist down.

Naturally, immediately following the arrest, many news outlets began requesting copies of the footage under the Public Information Act. However, Travis fought their requests. He told the courts that he “was exhausted, intoxicated, sleep-deprived, medicated and suffering from a post-collision concussion.” Travis also said that his actions “at the time of the dashboard recording could not have been voluntarily or knowing.”

Now, a judge has finally decided to deny his request, but his lawyer says that he will fight the decision. He believes that the public should not have access to the video of someone “in the course of a mental health breakdown.”

Travis pled guilty to the Aug. 7, 2012, arrest in January of 2013. He received 2 years’ probation, a $2,000 fine, and a 180-day suspended jail sentence. This was just one of many incidents that occurred before Travis’s stroke in 2013, which he is still recovering from.

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Texas Court Orders Randy Travis’ DWI Arrest Video to Be Made Public