20 Things Every Country Man Needs

Any true country man knows it not just about what you've got, but what you can do with it.

Picture this nightmare: you and your buddies want to go fishing for the weekend but you've got no boat, no truck to haul it with, and no tackle. Heck, you don't even have a cooler. And that, my country friend, is simply inexcusable. Any country man should be able to catch his dinner, clean it, and grill it--besides taking care of himself, his family, and his home. Here are the 20 things every country man needs in order to do just that.

20. Trailer hitch


This includes the knowledge of how to use it. You should be able to hook up a trailer and get it where it needs to go. And yes, you will have to know how to back it up.

19. Belt or belt buckle (or both)


If your belt buckle says champion of anything, it better be true. Otherwise, a nice belt is perfectly respectable.

18. A record player

Flickr/Erwin Bernal

Your computer is not a stereo. Neither is your phone. A real country man knows that Johnny Cash sounds best on vinyl. Speaking of...

17. Live at Folsom Prison

Flickr/Bradford Commons

And to go in that record player, one of country music's greatest and most important records of all time (if not the greatest): Johnny Cash's Live at Folsom Prison.

16. Rack


A rack, whether elk, deer, or otherwise.

15. Pocketknife

Flickr/ J. Mark Bertrand

You'd be surprised how often you find yourself using a pocketknife once you have one.

14. Shoe polish

Flickr/darwin Bell

Polishing your boots and shoes will keep them looking classy and give them a longer life. You'll want both black and brown polish to shine up your black and brown shoes. Of course you don't need polish if you don't have...

13. Tony Lama's


You need 'em for riding. You need 'em for two-stepping.

12. Cast iron skillet

Flickr/William Jones

To cook your mama's famous chili in. Or beans. Or cornbread. Bacon. Eggs. Everything, really. And just like anything cooked in it, a good cast iron skillet just keeps getting better over time.

11. Cooler

Flickr/Lawrence Simon

You need somewhere to keep your beer cold, after all, no matter if you're at the lake or at a bonfire.

10. Axe or maul


True country men don't need a gym. A gym is for flabby city boys who can't swing an axe.

9. Dog

Flickr/Jeremy Wheaton

There is a special bond between man and beast that cannot be replicated any other way. A man should have a dog to take care of and to take care of him. And to track down his game.

8. Grill

Charcoal, Denton, TX
Flickr/Rich Anderson

Even if you don't have a culinary bone in your body, a grill is a simple tool to master. If it's a charcoal grill, you're doing even better.

7. Ugly Stik

Flickr/H20 Alchemist

Ugly Stik has got you covered whether you use a casting rig, a spinning rig, or a fly rig. And there's no excuse why you shouldn't have one of these in your truck at all times.

6. Rifle

Flickr/Michael B.

Remingtons and Brownings are great, but you might also consider Outdoor Life's best rifle of the decade, the Ruger Varminter K1-V-BBZ.

5. Toolbox

Flickr/Austin & Zac

With hammer, wrench, drill, and all the tools that you will need for everyday household projects. Your toolbox should also include WD40 for when you need to get things apart and duct tape for when you need to keep them together.

4. Hobby or sport

Flickr/Cristian Bortes

Something that gets you out of the house, interacting with society, moving, or using your mind. Video games do not count. Fishing does.

3. Truck

Flickr/DiamondBack Truck Covers

You need a truck to carry your Ugly Stik and rifle. You need a truck to get you to the woods and the creek. You need a truck to go mudding in and to sit on the tailgate of and drink a beer. You need a truck.

2. Best Friend

Flickr/fotobaba / George Kuruth

Everyone needs someone to get thrown into a Mexican jail with. Besides, both you and your girlfriend need a break from each other sometimes.

1. Job

Flickr/David Wise

It doesn't matter if it's sweeping floors, flying airplanes, or roping cattle; a true country man can support himself and his family.

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20 Things Every Country Man Needs