20 Texas Groom's Cakes That Are Anything But Boring

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A wedding is a celebration of two individuals becoming one family, and each wedding is a showcase of the couple's personalities and preferences.

In Texas, weddings can get a little over the top. Texans like to celebrate and show off their individuality, and wedding cakes are no exception. Wedding cakes are often so grandiose that they become the showpiece of the reception. In fact, wedding cakes are such a big deal that sometimes the groom's cakes get overshadowed.

Well, no more. 

These 20 unbelievable Texas themed groom's cakes are easily equal to any ornate wedding cake you've ever seen.

Made by the Cake Guys in Duncanville, these cakes will have your eyes popping and your mouth watering! Lead designers Edward Navejas and Laura Burciaga have created cakes that are nothing short of artwork. Edward and Laura alongside Chad Fitzgerald make up the creative team of the Cake Guys, who have been featured on TLC's "The Cake Boss" as well as in People magazine.

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20 Texas Groom's Cakes That Are Anything But Boring