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20 Pork Chop Recipes Covered in Everything from Peach to Bourbon

The pork chop is a family weeknight classic, whether it's loved or hated. A staple of American cuisine, the pork chop is as versatile as it is tasty, though sometimes it doesn't receive fair recognition. When was the last time you saw a one-pan meal that used pork chops as opposed to chicken breasts? It's time to switch up your weekday dinner rotation with these pork chop recipes the whole family will love.

Pork chops come from the part of the pig called the pork loin, which runs from the shoulder to the hip of the animal. Just like beef steak, there are different kinds of chops: shoulder chop, rib chop, loin chop, and boneless chop. Each kind of chop cooks a little differently, so keep in mind what kind of chop you have when you're looking at pork recipes.

A few general tips to help cook pork chops: Start by getting a thicker chop, be careful not to overcook it, and use a bone-in chop. A juicy pork chop is the best pork chop, and since pork chops tend to be lean, using a thicker, bone-in chop will help keep the meat juicy. If you're using boneless pork chops, you'll need to watch the total cook time closely. Brine the chops first and then sear-roast or broil them for better results.

To help you get cooking, we've got some of our favorite pork chops recipes for you. Your weeknights will never be the same with these 20 pork chop recipes. Get bookmarking all of your new recipes!

1. Smothered Pork Chops

Can anything covered in gravy ever be anything other than right? This makes the perfect protein for an easy dinner.

Find the recipe here.

2. Grilled Lemon Pepper Pork Chop

This grilled pork chop is tasty and easy to make, and you can use your oven if grilling isn't an option. Pair these lovely golden brown chops with a side dish of roasted cauliflower.

Find the recipe here.

3. Apple Sage Cornbread-Stuffed Pork Chop

Apple, sage and pork cannot be denied. This is the perfect recipe for a romantic dinner for two.

Find the recipe here.

4. Easy Baked Pork Chops

This easy recipe makes tasty chops that are incredibly juicy. It's also a healthy weeknight meal that you can have on the table in no time. Olive oil, salt, black pepper, smoked paprika and onion powder are all you need.

Find the recipe here.

5. Italian Pork Chops

I wasn't aware that the Italians engaged in pork chops, but since they do, this dinner recipe has more than earned its place on this list.

Find the recipe here.

6. Creamy Mushroom Pork Chops

A flavorful mushroom sauce tops your perfectly cooked pork chop and would pair nicely with mashed potatoes, as well.

Find the recipe here.

7. Pork Chop and Gravy Biscuit Sandwich

This tender pork chop with grits and gravy gets a delicious brunch twist, although no one said you couldn't have breakfast for dinner.

Find the recipe here.

8. Marinated Pork Chops with Mango Pineapple Salsa

The homemade, fresh mango pineapple salsa brings this dish together. Add a little chili rub to the pork chop to really bring balance to the dish.

Find the recipe here.

9. Dijon Crusted Pork Chops

Dijon mustard adds a lot of personality to this dish, and provides a tangy twist to the pork chop.

Find the recipe here.

10. Tuscan Pork Chops

This recipe is light, healthy, and involves a pork chop. It's a great summery take on the weeknight classic.

Find the recipe here.

11. Asian Pork Chops

This slow cooker pork chop meal means you can set it and forget it, just in time for dinnertime.

Find the recipe here.

12. Greek Pork Chops

Grab some tzatziki sauce, a fresh cucumber and tomato side salad, and dig in.

Find the recipe here.

13. Pork Chops with Cranberry Orange Glaze

This glaze gives the salty pork a sweet undertone. It's also an excuse to eat cranberries outside of the holiday season.

Find the recipe here.

14. Korean BBQ Pork Chops

Korean BBQ is slowly taking over America, and these pork chops bring those flavors right to your stovetop or grill.

Find the recipe here.

15. Slow Cooker Stroganoff

Substitute the pork for the beef and we have a certified classic on our hands. It's so easy, all you have to do is dump the ingredients for this pork chop recipe into the slow cooker and set until dinnertime.

Find the recipe here.

16. French Onion Soup Pork Chops

Why have French onion soup when you can top your pork chop with it? The onion base injects the pork chops with flavors and it's delicious.

Find the recipe here.

17. Peach and Basil Pork Chops

Peaches and pork chops just make me want bourbon. A splash of bourbon to this glaze will seriously up the ante.

Find the recipe here.

18. Lemon Thyme Pork Chops

The lemon and thyme keep this pork chop recipe fresh and savory.

Find the recipe here.

19. Dressing Stuffed Pork Chops

Get more out of your Thanksgiving sides year-round with this classic skillet dinner.

Find the recipe here.

20. Smoked Gouda and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chop

Any reason to not eat this pork chop recipe would be futile. Bacon and gouda marry perfectly atop this pork chop.

Find the recipe here.

This post was originally published on February 22, 2017.

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