Pinterest Fails

20 Pinterest Fails We Can Totally Relate To

Pinterest is the land of the impossible. Scrolling through social media can be a fun way to get inspired by some of the different crafts and recipes that are out there, but the vast majority are hilariously unattainable dreams for the average person to accomplish.

I guess I never really appreciated the skills that pastry chefs and DIY bloggers have because a real-life attempt by someone with zero experience is probably not going to get you expert-level results. Have you tried making shark cupcakes? I can tell you I never will because they look incredibly tricky and the Pinterest fail photos are enough to frighten a child, like pictures of an experiment gone horribly wrong.

The sensation of the "Pinterest Fail" has taken over social media. They are, depressingly, super relatable to scroll through. I hate that I enjoy looking at other people's DIY fails, but I do. People are so addicted to laughing at these hilarious Pinterest attempts that shows like Netflix's Nailed It have also grown in popularity. It is too funny watching someone attempt an elaborate string balloon DIY project because odds are unless you have some crazy Martha Stewart genes it will crash and burn.

Stop looking at cat memes and take a peek at these 20 Pinterest Fails (that you can easily relate to) and try not to lol at the terrible outcomes of these DIY crafts.

1. This Snowman Craft Fail

2. These Unfortunate Cookie Monster Cupcakes

3. This Depressing Christmas Dessert

4. These Poor Cake Pops

5. You Can't Even Call This "Nail Art"

6. These Halloween Pumpkins

7. This Truly Terrifying Epic Fail of a Cake

8. These Sad Christmas Tree Cookies

9. These Patriotic Strawberries

10. These Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

11. These Marbled Nails

12. This Rhino Cake

13. This Easter Lamb Cake

14. These Marshmallow Sheep

15. These Bunny Rolls

16. This Chocolate Layer Cake

17. These Spiderman Candy Apples

18. These Lego Cake Pops

19. This Skyline Lamp

20. These Doggy Cupcakes

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