$20 Igloo Lunch Bag Has a Perfect Rating, and Will Make You Ditch Paper Bags for Good

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Sorry, but paper lunch bags scream elementary field trip. If you use them, no problem, but it's totally worth investing in a reusable lunch box. They're stylish, budget-friendly, and keep your lunch nice and fresh. Don't worry about looking through 100 brands to consider, keep it budget-friendly with a high-quality Igloo lunch box.

Yes, the same brand that keeps our beloved ice freezing cold on road trips is also here to make lunch breaks a bit better. We rounded up three options that are perfect for any occasion where you need to bring lunch, cold drinks, and snacks.

Best Igloo Lunch Boxes

Best in Style

1. Igloo REPREVE Recycled Performance Fiber 12 Can Soft Side Lily Lunch Bag Cooler with 2 Carry Handles and Zippered Front Pocket, Black

$20 gets you an eco-friendly cooler tote that you can use for lunch or carrying up to 10 12-ounce cans. The lunch tote is roomy, easy to clean, and easy to carry.

If you're someone who doesn't want an adult lunch tote that's flashy and bulky, you're going to love this lunch box cooler. There is a zippered side pocket, which is perfect for storing your silverware.

A customer gave the 10-can cooler bag five stars and wrote, "Great size for lunch and snack. Light weight so doesn't weigh a bunch when filled."

Best Budget-Friendly Option

2. Igloo Heritage Lunch Companion Tote Bag Cooler - Black

Looking to spend less than $15 or buying for the whole family? Then consider this $13 insulated lunch bag. It's the perfect food storage option for those on a budget. It's leak-resistant and antimicrobial, which are ideal specs if you hate sticky and stinky lunch sacks!

You can also use it as a 12-can soft cooler if you want to bring Waterloo or beer to the lake! I love the adjustable shoulder strap. This makes it perfect for traveling or hiking.

Customers also consider the Playmate Gripper.

Best Hard-Case Cooler

3. Igloo 4 Qt Limited Edition Playmate Series

The Igloo Playmate cooler is one of the best lunch pail coolers of all time. The insulated cooler is a great alternative to those who don't want a dual compartment lunch bag and need a hard-case cooler that's easy to carry. (Hey, this will prevent those sandwiches from getting squished.)

Customers also consider the Playmate Pal cooler.

For retro Igloo ice chests, Igloo coolers, and ice packs, visit Amazon.

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