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20 Healthy Breakfast Popsicles the Whole Family Will Love

Who said you couldn't have popsicles for breakfast? Unlike your sugar-loaded frozen pops, breakfast popsicles are good, and good for you. Using whole ingredients like fresh berries, avocados, nut milks, coconut milks, and even algae, breakfast popsicles are changing how we do summer breakfast.

Whether you're running late to work or spending the morning on the porch watching the sunrise, breakfast popsicles are the perfect breakfast for the season. Creamy, fresh, and downright tasty, you'll find homemade ice pops better than ice cream. So good in fact, that the kids will be begging for their morning popsicle.

With these 20 easy, healthy breakfast popsicle recipes you won't have to skip the most important meal of the day due to some summer heat. So bust out the popsicle molds and whip up your favorite morning treat.

1. Easy Breakfast Yogurt Pops

Easy Breakfast Yogurt Pops will be your breakfast go-to, and not just because it takes a whopping 5-minutes to prepare. Creamy Greek yogurt, a cup of summer berries, and crunchy granola for sustenance, these healthy yogurt parfait breakfast popsicles will be a hit with the family.

2. Frozen Smoothie Bars

Forget causing a racket blending smoothies in the morning. Do the prep ahead of time and freeze your breakfast with this Frozen Smoothie Bar recipe.

Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries with dash of honey and a vanilla Greek yogurt base, this is one frozen smoothie yogurt bar recipe you'll be excited to wake up, too.

3. Coconut Chia Mango Pops

Many breakfast popsicle recipes call for yogurt. If you're vegan or lactose intolerant, that's not an option. That's why dairy-free - or not - you need to try Coconut Chia Mango Pops.

The tropical fruit blended with the super energizing power of chia seeds and creamy coconut milk will get you through the morning.

4. Golden Milk Popsicles

Golden milk is an Ayurvedic recipe that has found its way into popular culture. Made up of anti-inflammatory turmeric, protein rich almond milk, and a few other spices, this recipe is backed by centuries that praise its health benefits.

So to consume this tasty recipe in frozen form? All the better. Get the recipe here.

5. Acai Granola Breakfast Popsicles

If you've ever had acai, then you know there is no other way to go about a frozen breakfast. Vegan and loaded with your favorite super food berry, this is a breakfast you can't pass up.

Get the recipe here.

6. Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles

Forget chia seed pudding. Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles are not only healthy, but they put a delicious spin on chia seeds that the pudding lacks.

7. Avocado Ice Pops

Need a foolproof breakfast popsicle recipe? Then go with the superfood in these Avocado Ice Pops.

Delicious, healthy, and downright refreshing when morning summer temperatures are peaking before noon.

8. Green Smoothie Breakfast Pops

Don't have time to blend a green smoothie in the morning? Then do the prep early and make these Green Smoothie Popsicles. Healthy, delicious, and totally refreshing, this is the way to enjoy your summer breakfast smoothie.

9. Blue Spirulina Popsicles

Algae isn't only a powerhouse of nutrients, it's also the food of the future. Embrace a tasty, healthy morning breakfast during your daily routine with these Blue Spirulina Popsicles.

A popsicle blend of coconut water, lemon, lime, syrup, nut milk, and spirulina powder will have you praising the amazing wonders of this blue-green algae.

10. Fruit and Veggie Rainbow Popsicles

Getting the kids to eat their fruit and veggies can be a challenge, that is, unless you try these Natural Fruit and Veggie Rainbow Popsicles. From strawberries to beets to spinach, this is one nutrient packed pop your kids will think is like eating desert.

11. Oatmeal and Strawberry Popsicles

In the summer, it's way too hot to eat oatmeal. Get smart and freeze it instead with these Oatmeal and Strawberry Popsicles. They're so good, you'll be wishing for warm weather come winter.

12. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana, Yogurt Pops

Tricking the young'ns into eating healthy popsicles for breakfast? Go with the Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Yogurt Pops. They'll love the chocolate, while getting a protein and nutrient boost from the rest of the pop.

13. Iced Coffee Popsicles

Every now and then, there are those mornings when you don't have time to make coffee. Ironically, that's when you need coffee the most.

Do yourself a favor and do a bit of prep the night before with these Iced Coffee Popsicles. A frozen blend of cream and coffee, you'll be able to grab and go all week.

14. Cold Brew Iced Mocha Pops

To make your own Cold Brew Iced Mocha Pops, let your favorite coarse ground coffee sit at room temperature overnight. In the morning, strain through a French press, add your chocolate chips and milk, then plop in a popsicle mold tray with some popsicles sticks.

After a few hours in the freezer, you'll have a chocolatey, coffee frozen treat that will brighten up any morning.

15. Matcha Green Tea & Blackberry Yogurt Pops

Prefer tea over coffee? You'll love these Matcha Green Tea & Blackberry Yogurt Pops. Healthy green tea mixed with fresh blackberries is the morning kick you need to get on the right track.

16. Strawberry Rhubarb Coconut Milk Popsicles

These dairy-free tart and creamy treats are so good, it will be like eating ice cream - minus all the sugar and dairy, of course.

The trick to making this refreshing treat is simmering your rhubarb and strawberries in some maple syrup, then pureeing in a blender. Layering the mixture with coconut milk in your popsicle molds, let them rest in the freezer until completely frozen, then you're ready to dig in.

Let Veggie Inspired show you how it's done with this recipe.

17. Honey-Filled Breakfast Popsicles

How do you create this creamy Honey-Filled Breakfast Popsicles? The gooey honey center lies in the preparation.

By creating a hollowed out center in the Greek yogurt base, you add a little honey then the strawberry sauce for a sweet, gooey centered frozen treat.

18. Honey Roasted Grapefruit Parfait Popsicles

Roasted grapefruit with caramelized sugar is the trick to making this dairy-free decadent Honey Roasted Grapefruit Parfait Popsicle that you won't be able to get enough of.

19. Blueberry Vanilla Breakfast Popsicles

Nothing screams summer breakfast like these refreshing Blueberry Vanilla Breakfast Popsicles.

20. Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Fresh Fruit Popsicles are not only healthy, but incredibly delicious. Simply freeze your favorite fruits like kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches in apple juice and you have fresh popsicles fit for any morning treat.

Breakfast Popsicle Essentials

1. Nutri Auto iQ 24 oz. 3-Speed Black High Speed Single Serve Blender

When it comes to smoothies, you want a blender that is made for blending fruit, ice, and veggies. (It even breaks down seeds.)

All of the parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

2. Tumblers with Lids (4 pack) 16oz Colored Acrylic Reusable Cups with Lids and Straws

Okay, sometimes you won't always want a smoothie in popsicle-form. Enjoy a good ol' strawberry smoothie in one of these adorable cups.

3. Perfect Stix 4.5" Craft Sticks/Ice Cream Sticks/Natural Wood - Box of 1,000ct

Don't forget your popsicle sticks!

This post was originally published on July 3, 2017.