20 Cow Costumes That Are Udderly Ridiculous

Cows are pretty awesome creatures.

In fact, cows are often referred to as the "foster mothers of the human race" because they produce most of the milk that we drink. Some people love cows so much, they apparently want to be them. We have the 20 pictures of people in cow costumes to prove it.

1. Oh, just a sexy cow photoshoot underway

2. A meditating cow...

3. This cow is a freak!

4. Catching up on some much-needed beauty sleep

5. A cow who likes showing off his "muscles"

6. This guy proudly strikes a confident pose in his cow costume.

7. A cow who's mastered the selfie

8....and so has this one, sort of. We're not sure what's going on with the awkward smile.

9. Um...only one word comes to mind: AWKWARD!

10. This cow just wants a hug. Any takers?

11. A cow who has no shame. We can't help but notice the facial expression of the guy on the left. Wonder what he's thinking...

12. This is what you call a "selfie fail".

13. This cow is attempting to be cool.

14. Hope she can breathe OK! She doesn't exactly look comfortable.

15. A cow and his buds enjoying a beer or two

16. Cows like ice cream too.

17. She has a thing for cows.

18. This cow is like, "What do you want?!"

19. Aww! A cute little baby cow!

20. We're not sure what's going on here. Apparently, she thinks her utters are milk-shooting guns.

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20 Cow Costumes That Are Udderly Ridiculous