20 Charming Southern Homes That Make Us Want to Move

Escape your tiny apartment with this collection of homes, and delight in southern charm at its finest.

You might live in a swanky urban condo or in a tiny townhouse, but let's be real: we all secretly wish we lived in a country cottage oozing with southern charm. From the great, dusty prairies of Texas, to the marshy wetlands of South Carolina, homes all over the south offer their own unique, regional appeals. However, there's just something special about white columns and wide porches that call our hearts home.

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to live out your domestic fantasy with this collection of charming southern homes. You might just pack up everything you own and skip town tonight.

20. Oh hey y'all. Please walk up my grand outdoor staircase and into my foyer.

19. Maybe you'd like not just one, but two front porches.

18. Who doesn't love a bright red tin roof and a beach cruiser parked out front?

17. Or a secret floating party pad by a shady lake?

16. What about a classic plantation home surrounded by oaks dripping with Spanish moss?

15. Those French Quarter wrought iron fences, though.

14. This Georgia beauty is old meets new.

13. This gorgeous Key West Victorian is calling your name.

12.  All you really need is a painted front porch and two palm trees.

11. You're gonna need four ceiling fans in this southern bungalow.

10. What about a cracker home built from old tobacco barns and river rocks? Yes, please.

9. This "Dogtrot" floor plan was designed to keep South Carolina homes cool in the hot summers.

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8. Imagine being surrounded by tall, Georgia pines.

7. Can't you hear the rain on that roof already?

6. OF COURSE Paula Deen would own this gorgeous Savannah guest house.

5. This beach home in the Florida panhandle will fit all your friends. All of them.

4. This on is as pretty as a peach.

3. The brightest home on the street.

2. This amazing Queen Anne cottage in Texas brightens up even the rainiest day.

1. This stone cottage in Tennessee is straight out of a southern fairy tale.

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20 Charming Southern Homes That Make Us Want to Move