20 Unique Cabins That Would Make Great Summer Escapes

When you think of cabins, you probably think of stacked logs and rustic fireplaces. If you're lucky, the nice ones have a hot tub and a fire pit. How crazy can they really be, right? Wrong! These wildly unique cabins will change the way you think about wilderness getaways.

20. Classic treetop cabin

Resting between a couple of trees, this cabin looks like it's from another era. It's not exactly kid friendly, but still an amazing design.

Parade's Community Table
Parade's Community Table

19. A long walk to the perfect getaway

This is like staying on your own island - a very small island. You'll definitely find solitude here.

18. Hobbit house of cabins

This cabin looks as if it was built from a single tree. This is truly a unique design of organized chaos.


17. Tucked away in the woods

Built with dark wood, this oddly shaped cabin looks like it's from a storybook.

Pinterest/ Nelene Kellogg
Pinterest/ Nelene Kellogg

16. Nestled in the mountains

Things can't get much more scenic than this.

Pinterest/ Nancy Finch
Pinterest/ Nancy Finch

15. Urban hut

Some people wouldn't consider mod designs part of traditional cabin decor. That's because it's not, but it works for this A-frame.

14. Island cabin

It's bizarre how they built this cabin. However, it's undeniably adorable.

13. A treehouse... Literally.

Though you can't tell, this home is deeply rooted in the ground similar to the trunk of a tree. This green design has an extremely small carbon footprint.

12. Hidden in the pines

If any cabin were designed with fall in mind, it's this one. This is the perfect lakeside nook in autumn.

11. Cabin on stilts

It's hard to imagine a functioning cabin on stilts. However, it's a thing.

10. A lofty lookout escape

This is tradition with a twist. You better hope that treetop walkway is trustworthy though.

9. Luxury comes in small spaces

This may look like a tiny cabin. However, a lot of thought went into the inside, and that hot tub is amazing.

8. Reclaimed Cabin

This sweet little oasis is made from recycled materials. Go green!

7. A perfect mess

Layers on layers, this twisted cabin is insane. Imagine building this thing - what a job that was.

Flickr/ Jonathan Haeber
Flickr/ Jonathan Haeber

6. Mixed media cabin

Including mixed media in designs always adds a little color and life. This creative cabin is no exception. Plus, it's built around a tree.

Pinterest/ Stephen Moss
Pinterest/ Stephen Moss

5. House on wheels

This cabin-car is a little odd, but totally cool. It's like a tricked out antique home.

4. A place in the pines

It's always a bonus when most of your cabin consists of balconies.


3. The castle cabin

This is not exactly a humble cabin. But, you'll still feel right at home.

2. The ultimate stack up

This is less like a cabin and more like a work of art.

Pinterest/ Amanda Ciurdar
Pinterest/ Amanda Ciurdar

1. Cabin of mirrors

You can probably see yourself staying here, eh? But seriously, this is such a great idea.
Steven King Photography via Dailymail

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20 Unique Cabins That Would Make Great Summer Escapes