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'1923' Star Helen Mirren Corrects Pedro Pascal on the Proper Way to Say 'Lasso'


Dame Helen Mirren and Pedro Pascal are the chaotic duo we've been waiting for. In a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the Academy Award-winning actress took Pascal, star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, to task on his cowboy knowledge, name-dropping her 1923 co-star Harrison Ford to back her up. Yeah, the Dutton has definitely rubbed off on Mirren. A rundown of Mirren and Pascal's hilarious, sometimes-deranged, chemistry-filled (!) exchange:

It was Pascal's first time on The Graham Norton Show, and the beloved franchise star came in for a ribbing at the top of the program. When the actor struggled to unbutton his tight-fitting suit jacket, forcing him to awkwardly sit sideways, Mirren shouted, "Relax!" Then, in a masterful display of oneupmanship, Mirren showed off her sartorial prowess, lifting up her foot to display the diamond-encrusted bottoms of her impossibly chic heeled booties. 2-0 for the Dame.

Something shifted after the fashion fiasco, and Mirren and Pascal bonded over their shared confusion at Gen Z slang. "They speak a language I don't understand!" said Mirren, who stars in the newly-released comic book movie Shazam! 2: Fury of the Gods. Pascal, heralded as "daddy" in all corners of the internet, demonstrated a so-called "swerve" on Mirren, dodging her when she went in for a kiss. "Just know that I would never swerve on you," he reassured her. Classic manipulation tactic. 2-1 as the Dame's lead slims.

After Mirren revealed that she performed stunt work on Shazam! 2, even breaking a bone on the set of the action pic, Pascal shared that he kinda-sorta learned how to lasso on the set of The Kingsman. When the actor pronounced lasso as lass-oh, Mirren entered her Hermione Granger era: "It's not a lass-oh, it's a la-soo," she corrected, favoring the British pronunciation of the word. Pascal begged to differ, but Mirren came back with an unimpeachable defense:


"I've never heard that [lass-oh], and, you know, I've worked with Harrison Ford on 1923," she said.


Calling on the whip-wielding Indiana Jones himself to back up her argument? A master stroke. 3-1 for the Dame. Pascal accepted defeat, succumbing to Mirren's undeniable allure with some light flirting: "I wouldn't swerve you, but I would lasso you!"

And there you have it. A love-hate meet-cute for the ages.


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