Faith Hill as Margaret and Rita Wilson as Carolyn of the Paramount+ original series 1883
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'1883' Recap: Elsa Mourns and Rita Wilson Guest Stars


Warning: Spoilers ahead for season one of 1883.

It's hard to believe we're over halfway through the first season of Yellowstone prequel 1883. The wagon train led by Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott), his partner Thomas (LaMonica Garrett), and the Dutton family has by now seen their fair share of heartbreak. Episode six, "Boring the Devil" picks up with Elsa mourning the loss of her first love, the wagon train stopping at a trading outpost before continuing on with their journey, and Thomas moving forward with a new love interest. Plus, we finally get to see Rita Wilson's guest-starring appearance alongside real-life pal, Faith Hill.

Here are our six main takeaways from episode six of 1883.

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1. Elsa mourns the loss of Ennis

The episode opens with Elsa crying in her family's wagon, still having trouble coping with losing Ennis in the prior episode. In episode five, she had lost her virginity to the cowboy but Taylor Sheridan quickly puts everyone's minds to rest that she will not be carrying his baby. It seems like no one has been able to really find a way of comforting the teenager so Shea comes forward to try as someone who is all too familiar with loss. He tells her about losing his family, talks to her about Ennis, and ultimately helps her pull herself back up to get back to work with the herd.

It takes her pretty much the entire episode, but by the end of it, Elsa finds a pep in her step again and thanks Shea for his kind words. It's a sweet moment watching their relationship grow and Shea watches her with glassy eyes, undoubtedly thinking about the daughter he lost in the series premiere.

2. We meet Rita Wilson's character

The wagon train reaches Doan's Crossing at the Texas/Oklahoma border so Margaret (Faith Hill) brings Elsa to the trading post with her to get her mind of Ennis. Unfortunately, it doesn't pan out well and Elsa pulls a gun out on a man who is staring at her. James gets called over to intervene and sends his daughter back to camp, leaving Margaret to load up on supplies by herself. The shopkeeper, Carolyn (Wilson), sees the scene and invites her to enjoy some Whiskey Punch with her. The two women immediately bond and it gives Margaret Dutton the chance to unwind after all of the drama surrounding her daughter lately. She does get a bit drunk though and James has to come to drag her back to camp. It's too bad Carolyn didn't join the group, she's a fun character!

3. Thomas hires a cook for the wagon train

James Jordan, who has appeared on numerous other Taylor Sheridan projects including Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown and Wind River, has joined the wagon train as the new cook. Thomas hires him on at the trading post and they stock up, noting that this is the last town before they reach Wyoming. He makes a comment about not wanting to stop anywhere near Abilene because it's not safe and full of a rough crowd so we can only assume the group will have to make an unplanned stop there.


4. Shea hires a new cowboy to replace Ennis

Do we already have a new love interest for Elsa?! Obviously, the wagon train needs a certain amount of cowboys to help with the herd...that's why they had to enlist Elsa's help so they are most likely in serious need of a new addition after losing Ennis. Shea brings on the handsome Colton as a replacement. Colton, as it turns out, knew Ennis and Wade from past cowboy work. Quickly, he sets his sights on the pretty cowgirl he'll be working with. Though she initially shuts him down because, as he puts it, she's 'in mourning like a widow,' Elsa does end up flirting with him at the end of the episode. Definitely interested to see where this goes.

5. Thomas buys Noemi a gift

If there's one love story I'm incredibly invested in right now it's Thomas and Noemi. Thomas offers to sell all of Noemi's husband's belongings for her at the trading outpost and while he's there, sees a beautiful silver hand mirror that he's told comes from France. He decides to bring it back to her as a gift. Though he's been hesitant to pursue anything romantic with the widow, she explains to him that he is showing that he loves her and she loves him in return. They share a romantic kiss under the stars and it seems like they are now pretty committed to each other.




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