This 1865 Dating Ad Would Make an Amazing Tinder Profile

Whoever posted this Reconstruction era dating ad was soulmate material, which is probably why the ad (originally posted on Reddit) has gone viral. Maine, circa 1865, had quite the suitable bachelor on their hands.

The young man boasts about his "nine sheep, two-year-old bull, and two heifers, besides a house and a barn." All that? At 18? "This guy has got his shit together for an 18-year-old," wrote one Reddit commenter. We have to agree. This is the 1865 equivalent of a steady job, Audi, and a house.

1865 dating ad


The ad goes on: "I want to get married. I want to buy bread-and-butter, hoop-skirts, and waterfalls for some person of the female persuasion." He wants to go shopping, and buy hoop skirts?! Really, this guy could have been the man of our dreams.

Plus... ladies... his "potatoes are bully," and he has "a good set of teeth." What more could you ask for?

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