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An Incredible 1800s Farmhouse Hides Inside this Airplane Hangar

We’ve been seeing a lot of unique homes popping up lately, but this is something completely different than anything else out there. When an architect tucked a restored farmhouse inside a hangar, his goal was not only to add more living space for his family, but also to preserve a historic home. What resulted is an incredibly unique New Jersey home that blends industrial and country in an imaginative way.

This creation comes from the mind of architect Adam Kalkin. He’s the co-founder of Zombie Industrial — an architectural design company that utilizes recycled industrial materials to build homes and other structure.

It should come as no surprise then that this industrial-loving genius decided to put the 1800s farmhouse inside an old airplane hanger.

Kalkin and his wife updated the 19th-century farmhouse, but kept most of it the way it was. In fact, the exterior of the home is still the original wood.

He certainly achieved his goal of adding more square footage for his family to live in. The hangar is a whopping 27 feet high and 33 feet wide space, according to Fair Companies. With this innovative design, Kalkin will also be able to preserve this historic home for years to come.

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole home is the nine-room office space at one end of the hangar. As Kalkin describes the area, it has a treehouse feel. Each room looks out to both the inside of the hangar and nature outside.

Kalkin has certainly created a one-of-a-kind home for his family!

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An Incredible 1800s Farmhouse Hides Inside this Airplane Hangar