Little Jimmy Dickens’ Classic Guitars are Up For Sale


Guitars from the collection of Grand Ole Opry member Little Jimmy Dickens are now up for grabs.

According to the Tennessean, the historic Gruhn Guitars shop in Nashville has obtained 18 instruments from the Country Music Hall of Fame member’s estate.

“I feel very honored to be able to represent the estate for these pieces,” said George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn Guitars and close friend of Dickens. “It’s something very special. But Jimmy was special.”

Earlier this week, Gruhn sent out news of his exciting additions to the store’s inventory through his mailing list. Just a few hours later, both of Dickens $17,500 1957 Gibson J-200 and his $15,000 1937 Gibson Super 400 had been put on hold by a possible buyer.

One of the guitars that will soon be up for grabs was given to Dickens by Waylon Jennings, and features a custom-made inlay on the front that states “Jimmy, You’re a Hell of a Man. — Waylon.”

Gruhn says that aside from two guitars that were specially made to honor the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium, each instrument has its own set of scratches and blemishes from being used. Many of the guitars have what Gruhn calls “buckle rash,” which is wear caused by Dickens’ belt buckle scratching against the back of his guitar during performances.

The set of guitars range in price from just $1,500 to $20,000. Gruhn estimates that it will take many months for him to sell the collection.

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Little Jimmy Dickens’ Classic Guitars are Up For Sale