16 Things You Should Do For Mom on Mother's Day

Here are some great ideas to help make this the best Mother's Day ever.

1.Cook Her Dinner

Nicole Abalde

Just think of all those times she slaved over an oven boiling up spaghetti and meatballs or toasting a grilled cheese sandwich to golden-brown perfection. Now is the time to return the favor. Sure, maybe you are no Emiril Lagasse, but whip up something simple that you know she loves and you can't go wrong. Trust me she will be happy to skip the restaurant crowds in order to spend some quality time watching you pretend you know what you're doing in the kitchen.

2. Call Her and Tell Her You Love Her

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Sometimes it truly is the thought that counts, and what better way to tell your mom what you are thinking than with your voice through a telephone. Our lives can get pretty busy, and with everyone and their mom on Facebook, sometimes we neglect our responsibility as children to keep them in the loop the old fashioned way. So pick up that smartphone and dial her up, she will be glad to hear your voice -- bonus points if you can get her on Facetime or Skype.

3. Make a Scrapbook

Ali Edwards

Scrapbooks are a very thoughtful way to show mom how much you love her while simultaneously reminding her why you are her favorite child (if you don't have siblings, it will be that much easier). While making a scrapbook may take more time and effort than ordering flowers online, the payoff is incomparable. Now head over to your local arts and crafts store and put some of those #TBT photos to use.

4. Make a Video


If you want a sure-fire way to bring your mom to tears this year, this is the gift for you. Simply create a slideshow of sentimental photographs and set it to her favorite Bette Midler or Lionel Richie song. If you are computer savvy, take it a step further and splice in a few clips of you lip-syncing as well. Email your siblings to get them in on the action or go it alone, but mom is going to love this. On a side note, you may want to include a box of tissues if you send it in DVD form.

5. Fix That Thing She Has Been Meaning to Fix

Josep Ma. Rosell

Whether it's that creaky porch swing or that clogged drainage pipe, if she hasn't gotten around to it, she probably never will. Show up with a toolbox and some WD-40 and get it done. Eliminating that stress it has been causing will taste much sweeter than a box of chocolates.

6. Write Your Own Card

Lia Ballentine

Skip the trip to Hallmark this year and make something a bit more personal. Use a blank card you have laying around or even just some construction paper and get poetic. Write a few lines from the heart telling her how much she means to you, and if you're feeling creative, maybe add a doodle or glue a picture to the front. She will love it as much -- if not more -- than the one you gave her in 3rd grade.

7. Go on an Adventure

Moyan Brenn

Get in the car and take her some place fun! Whether it's a day of hiking in the sun or sitting around the lake, get her out of the house for some excitement. A road trip alone would be a great break from the ordinary and a wonderful opportunity to catch up. As long as you keep her interests in mind and get in some extra bonding time, she'll surely enjoy being mom-napped.

8. Do Her Chores

Courtney Carmody

That's right, but willingly this time. Show up with a mop bucket and some shammies and wash her car or throw on a pair gardening gloves to trim those overgrown hedges. You'll save her a lot of backache and earn your allowance in the process. When you're all finished, go home and clean your room.

9. A Back Massage

Dave O'Connell

No need to get spa fancy here, just throw on her favorite 30 minute TV program and get started. You can try out some methods like "karate chop" or just dig in deep to get rid of those knots. Either way, she will appreciate the care that goes into a nice relaxing shoulder rub. If you must, break it up into five minute intervals or just go ahead and spring for that gift card. But if a monkey can do it, you can do it.

10. Scavenger Hunt


Hide some items around the house, or go big and extend it to a local park or surrounding neighborhood. Have a nice memory or meaning and attach it to each item on the search. Make sure you give her a big congratulatory hug when the hunt is complete. She earned it.

11. Have a Picnic or Barbecue


Another great way to avoid the long wait times at restaurants is to grab a checkered blanket and find a nice seat outdoors. Locate a grill and throw on a tasty steak or sneak by a KFC drive-thru on your way to a park, either way mom is going to love some quality time out in the sunshine.

12. Charm Bracelet

HA! Designs - Artbyheather

You know the ones I'm talking about and moms adore them. Go to any jewelry store and find a few charms that really speak to you. They have characters, sports hobbies, animals, you name it. Once you get started, you'll be adding a new charm every holiday from here on out, but you'll have one happy mom.

13. Photo Blanket


These days you can have photos printed on pretty much any surface, so what better place for your face than a soft cuddly quilt? It's as simple as ordering your blanket and uploading your photos, even Walmart can take care of it for you. Let's just hope nobody spills merlot on your picture from prom.

14. Make Her Favorite Dessert

Jim, the Photographer

Throw on an apron it's time to get messy. Take this opportunity to pay her back for all of those delicious birthday cakes and piping hot chocolate chip cookies. Nothing says "I love you," quite like homemade, but be sure to let her know that you learned from the best.

15. Pick Some Flowers

Sarah Zucca

Spend a couple of hours leading up to your Mother's Day visit by driving down a back road scooping up some colorful wildflowers. Make a nice arrangement and organize them in a vase or mason jar. Add this to another gift such as that handmade card or dessert for a bigger impact.

16. Send an Edible Arrangement

Laura Gilmore

Most of us have sent flowers and chocolates more times than we'd like to admit, so here's something a tad more original. Edible arrangements have all of the appeal of flowers while being delicious like chocolate. In fact, some arrangements even include chocolate covered fruit in the bouquet. You can't go wrong with this twist on a classic Mother's Day gift.

Whatever you decide to do for mom this year, make it memorable and have fun doing it!

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16 Things You Should Do For Mom on Mother's Day