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15 Kitchen Prints and Patterns You Never Knew You Needed

Normally when you think of kitchens, you think of clean lines, clean colors, and even cleaner surfaces. However, that's because conventional wisdom tells us to keep it simple so that our design choices don't become outdated.

Although that is generally sound advice, that doesn't mean that your kitchen has to be boring. So to help you break out of your design rut and put as much flavor into the space you cook in as the food you cook, here are 15 of the best prints and patterns that you should consider installing into your kitchen right now.

1. Subway Tiles

You may think subway tiles are getting a overused in kitchen design, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Especially when they practically drag you in with their metallic magnetism.

2. Black and White Deli Floors

Who says you can't have bistro chic in your kitchen? Pair it with dark cabinets and suddenly everything you cook just seems so much more artisanal.

3. Coffee Connoisseurs

Ok, it's not exactly a pattern for your kitchen, but if you really love your coffee, then this one is for you. Sometimes, in the haze of your morning, you just can't remember the correct proportion of milk to coffee for a macchiato.

Or is it that you just need the foam? It doesn't matter. If you have this print, you will never doubt your barista skills again.

4. Mermaid Memories

It's hard to get enough of the seaside, even if you live by it. That's why you should bring it indoors.

These mermaid tiles are a perfect reminder of the glistening scales of fish that flit and sparkle though the water. They will just make your kitchen seem so much slicker to cook in.

5. Subtle Sunshine

Add some sunshine to your kitchen year round with lemon yellow wallpaper.

Perfectly balanced against creamy shaker cabinets, you're sure to smile every morning as you walk in to pour yourself your first cup of coffee.

6. Mounted Marble

Have you ever wanted to introduce the calm of a beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic into your kitchen? Now you can!

Create a seamless flow from countertop to ceiling with a muted marble overlay on your walls.

7. Subtle Stars

Subtlety doesn't have to be uninteresting. In fact, quite the opposite. This delicate pattern is just the right amount of interest for a streamlined, minimalistic kitchen.

8. Chevron Tiles

Will chevron ever go out of style? It's highly unlikely especially when a pop of color on this pattern can bring such life to your kitchen.

9. Inside Out

Bring the outdoors inside. Now, no matter the season, you can enjoy the feeling of wandering through the woods while staying warm and cozy in your kitchen.

10. Tiled Together

Who says that mismatched individual tiles cannot have a cohesive relationship?

Leave it to the Italians to turn cement into a design that is worthy of even the most refined kitchens.

11. Highlight the Background

Small changes can make big impacts.

Draw your guests' attention to the most unusual of places and offer them a pleasant surprise when they notice the subtle detailing on the inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets.

12. Dreamy Designs

With damask wallpaper, bold really is beautiful. Using such a bold design in your kitchen brings an element of warm homeyness into an otherwise sterilely clean environment. This design is just so loveable and livable.

13. Outstanding Orange

You never thought a pop of fiery color over the industrial texture of brick could be so cool.

However, it really does wonders to open up even the tiniest of kitchens.

14. Kitchen Coverings

Sometimes adding a bit of soft texture is all you need to add homey-ness into a kitchen.

Soft, unusual, and perfectly Parisian, using tea towels as cabinet coverings lets you enjoy the ease of open cabinetry while giving your kitchen a sense of timeless elegance.

15. Tremendous Tiling

Kitchens are supposed to be streamlined. So why not streamline the aesthetic of your walls to the max. Floor to ceiling tiling? Sign us up.

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