16 Hilariously Awful, Just Plain Ridiculous DIY Mason Jar Projects

These DIY projects prove the mason jar fad is getting out of hand.

Ok, ok, we know mason jars are cute. We can all probably admit to having more than a few DIY mason jar projects pinned to our "Shabby Chic Country Home" boards.

Mason jars everywhere, but for the love of crafting, let's be reasonable!

Here's a collection of our favorite amazingly ridiculous DIY mason jar projects. They were probably better left un-imagined.

1. Mason Jar Fish-Tank-Vase-Shelf

Pinterest / Edel
Pinterest / Edel

Here is the Frankenstein of mason jar projects. This is not a fish tank. It's a fish in a mason jar. Why would you do this to a poor little fish? Why?

2. Mason Jar Moroccan Lanterns

Mason jars are inherently not Moroccan. What is this?

3. Mason Jar Handles

Etsy / RememberedOnceMore
Etsy / RememberedOnceMore

Handles make everything easier, right? Glue a cute decorative handle to all your mason jars. In fact, don't stop there! Just stick one on everything you own. Decorative handles are cute. They're CUTE.

4. Mason Jar Beehives

I'm pretty sure the bees don't want to be forced to cram everything they've ever known into your tiny, "adorable" mason jar apartment complex.

5. Ambiguous Mason Jar "Dispenser"

Really? You could have tried a little harder with this one.

6. Mason Jar Cigar Storage

Have cigars? Put them in a mason jar. It's that easy. It's almost like these little things were designed to store and preserve stuff or something. Who'd have thunk it!

P.S. - This is not a humidor.

7. Mason Jar Pizza

Y'all. It's pizza. Just leave it alone. You can't improve pizza by canning it.

8. Mason Jar Photo Holders

You know that really cute photo of you and your friends? The one you all love and had to do 10 takes to make sure no one was blinking and everyone looked nice? Put it in a mason jar, and you get an instant circus mirror effect. Hello, double chin.

9. Mason Jar Sippy Cups


10. Mason Jars with Sprinkles to Hold Your Bathroom Items

It's so hard to even write commentary for this, because it's just so baffling. Why would you ever put your brushes in something sticky and sugary that attracts bugs and will eventually melt?

11. Crazy Galactic Mason Jars

Why? We're not really sure.

12. Tiny Mason Jar Terrariums

Those poor plants. Stick one of these next to the mason jar fish tank so at least the fish and plants can keep each other company.

13. Mason Jar Snow Man


Woah! You can't even see the jar. That's a lot of intense crafting for one little mason jar.

14. Mason Jar for Serving Snacks

Cause why use all that perfectly good cutting board space when you can cram it in a cute little mason jarlette?

15. Mason Jar Terrarium Light Fixtures

This project combines two of the mason jar lover's favorite things: terrariums and lighting! Scorch your pretty little moss by placing it under a hot bulb.

16. Solar-Powered Mason Jar Walkway Lights

The mason jar of the future.

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16 Hilariously Awful, Just Plain Ridiculous DIY Mason Jar Projects