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16 Front Porches Perfect for Pickin' and Sippin'

Get inspired to entertain outside with this collection of friendly front porches.

Front porch weather is upon us. It's time to bring out the cushions, dust off the rocking chairs, knock down the mud dauber nests and invite your friends over for a good, old-fashioned guitar pull.

Some of the greatest front porches have just the right combination of comfy seating, a beautiful view, eclectic decor and, of course, front porch swings.

There's just something about a breezy outdoor space on a hot day that makes us want to whip up an Arnold Palmer and sit on the front porch picking a six string all afternoon. Get yourself in the lazy Sunday mindset with these front porches gone right.

16. Yup, this is perfect for kicking your feet up and enjoying a cold glass of sangria.


15. The outdoor seating is basically the coziest couch you've ever seen.

Cottage Market

14. Throw a pickin' party on this porch, and your guests will never want to leave.


13. This has just enough room for your favorite people -- and maybe their guitars.

Home Bunch

12. Date night "out" right here. Preferably with margaritas.

Hummingbird Ranch

11. All this porch needs is a banjo and a couple of six strings.

Country Living

10. Mint julep, anyone?

Country Living

9. How about an ice-cold sweet tea to enjoy on your deep south, wicker porch chair?

Vintage Home

8. This is your personal retreat when the party gets too rowdy. Bring the wine.

Inspired By Charm

7. With a view like this, who would ever want to stay inside?

Country Living

6. Maybe a barn party is more your style...

...in your gorgeous barn house, of course.

Country Living

5. Sit back, grab your guitar and play like you're miles away from everything.

Country Living

4. Just crack those shutters a little bit, to let the breeze in.

Between Naps On The Front Porch

3. Mix up four pina coladas for your double date on this gorgeous porch.

Mod Vintage Life

2. How absolutely charming!


1. Sometimes, your front porch is where you make it.

Deco Fairy

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16 Front Porches Perfect for Pickin' and Sippin'