15 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum up Winter in Texas

For those of us in Texas who have never experienced it, winter is that gray and mushy time of year when the sun goes missing randomly and without notice. Since Texas is a large state, there are parts that actually experience this time of year with consistently low temperatures and a white fluffy substance they say is called "snow." The rest of us don't really know about that.

For most of Texas, "winter" is not so much a season as it is a temperament. Sometimes winter shows up in May for a couple of days. Sometimes it doesn't show at all, only to come back twice the next year. But you can bet that when it does show up, you won't like it. Here are some tweets that perfectly portray how Texans think about winter.

Pass me a sweater

Winter fashion level: Texas

Texas winter does need a therapist

Because when Winter does show up, we don't know what to do with it

The most wonderful time of the year

It's a Texas tradition

We do want Winter! Just not cold

WHAT. That's amazing!

Hey, that's 30 degrees colder than we're used to

Texas: Where the snow is imported and the sunburns aren't

That's enough Winter for us Texans

Standard Texan Winter attire:

Be careful what you pray for

Because, Texas

Go home, Texas, you're drunk

"Burning in hell" perfectly describes Texas Summer, and sometimes, Winter too

BOOM. Cedar in your FACE

Texas mosquitoes don't die, they merely hibernate for a couple weeks

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