This Majestic $15 Million Castle in Kentucky is up for Sale

You might think that castles only belong in European countrysides, Disney movies or classic fairytales. But this incredible, one of a kind structure actually resides in the state of Kentucky.

If you've been dreaming of living like royalty, now you can. According to, this unbelievable structure in Versailles, Ky will cost you a crown and a scepter. It's currently priced at $15 million.

The history behind this building started with a love story. The original owner wanted to build the love of his life the castle of her dreams. In the end, their relationship ended in divorce, but the home stands as a relic of their time together.


The beautiful property currently serves as a bed and breakfast as well as a venue for weddings and other special events.


The castle comes in at just over 17,000 square feet. If that doesn't impress you, maybe the 50.5 acres it sits on will. The house also has 16 en suite bedrooms and two half-baths.


The property includes a tennis court, basketball court, landscaped garden, billiard room, library, dining room and a ballroom.


So, want to put a down payment on a castle? Then go visit the property's listing.

If you can't cough up gold coins, then do what I did and just immerse yourself in the extravagant display this incredible home has to offer. I think I'll set my throne in the library.

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