15 Meals You Should Try Next Time You Go Camping

There's no need to make skimpy meals on the trails.

Camping definitely builds up quite an appetite for a good meal. You're hiking to the camp site, putting your tent together and maybe even going for a swim. So why would you deprive yourself of an amazing dinner?

These camping recipes are just the ticket to a perfect time in the outdoors. After a little prep, you'll be eating like kings. Just don't forget to hide it from the critters.

1. Sweet and Sour Pineapple Kabobs

Start your camping trip off right with a tangy recipe. Precut the pineapple, and have the chicken already marinating.

2. Roasted Avocado and Eggs

Pinterest/ Adrienne Woolley
Pinterest/ Adrienne Woolley

This campfire treat is perfect for anyone watching their calories. Season the avocado with garlic, salt, pepper and top with an egg.  

3. Jerk Chicken

Lay the chicken on some already mixed salad or rice for the perfect meal.

4. Backpacking Tortilla Soup

Soup is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cool night. Prep all your seasonings in a separate bag so they're ready to go.

5. Sausage and White Bean Cassoulette

This is one of the fancier dinners you'll have camping. However, it's really simple and requires minimal ingredients.

6. Tin Foil Shrimp Broil

Why should you wait until you're on the coast for a good shrimp broil? Next time you're on the trails, give this a try.

7. Pizza Log

Pizza sounds good all the time. Especially when you can make it on the campfire. It also adds a nice smokiness to it.

8. Seasoned Burgers and Potato Packets

You have your whole meal in one easy foil packet. Substitute whatever veggies you prefer, or use a veggie burger instead of beef.

9. Campurritos

Fix the meat and eggs along with whatever filling you want inside. Then, roll it all up in your favorite tortilla shell and wrap each burrito in foil. They'll be ready for the fire when you wake up.

10. Campfire Nachos

Grab a skillet and go nuts! Throw in all your favorite nacho toppings.

11. Dutch Oven Bacon and Cheese Pull Aparts

Make sure you have the right pot with a lid. There is no shortage of butter in this recipe, so be prepared.

12. Campfire Banana Boats

Need a sweet snack? Bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chips and an open flame will fix you right up.

13. Hobo Burgers

This is the shepherds pie of burgers. As long as everything is prepped before the camp, this meal is super easy. Just don't forget the foil.

14. Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs

Prep you veggies and chicken, pack them up in a cooler and dinner will be a delicious breeze. Use reusable skewers to save room.

15. Bacon Baked Beans

These are two things you definitely want at the end of a long day. Salty bacon and tangy baked beans hit the spot.

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15 Meals You Should Try Next Time You Go Camping