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15 Brilliant Home Hack Diagrams You Should Pin

Pinterest is like Mecca for the modern mom. Where else can you find fashion and beauty tips alongside hilarious memes? Where else can you go to be inspired to both lose weight and cook deliciously fattening recipes? Pinterest is like a black-hole of inspiration. I've personally gone on to just do a little check and resurfaced three hours later wondering what day it was.

While you're online pinning your next project, take a gander at these 15 brilliant home hack diagrams. There's never been a better place to learn how to work smarter, not harder, around the house.

15. For eating your veggies:

I want to eat healthier, and cut out preservatives, but how? Pinterest to the rescue! This handy diagram shows you just how to make your own dressing to adorn your gorgeous salad. Pin it here.

14. For good vibrations:

Not pickin' up good vibrations in your home? Then you should check out this handy chart to help the energies flow more freely. Pin it here.

13. For that retro look:

Mid-century modern is all the rage. However, if you're not Joanna Gaines, this handy diagram will help you perfect the look. Pin it here.

12. For creating kitchen art:

So maybe you didn't go to Le Cordon Bleu. Here's a handy guide for how to make the perfect cuts in the kitchen. Pin it here.

11. For hanging photos:

Want that gallery wall look you've seen in all the decor magazines? Yeah, I don't know how to do it either. Looks like we both need to check out this awesome diagram. Pin it here.

10. For interpreting your cookbook:

Whether or not you're Julia Child (hint: you're not) even established cooks could use a little help now and then. Check out this chart to learn more. Pin it here.

9. For the garden

No green thumb? No problem. With this gardening diagram you'll learn how to stop killing your landscaping. Pin it here.

8. For the little one:

Nothing is harder than being a first time parent. While you're awake and bleary-eyed at 2 a.m. feeding that sweet little bundle of joy, you can read this diagram in the dim light of your smartphone. Pin it here.

7. For the fur babies:

Did you know that pets shouldn't eat raw onions? Well now you do. Take a look at this chart to find out what else your kitty or doggy shouldn't eat. Pin it here.

6. For working from home:

More and more people are telecommuting these days. Here's some tips on how to get your home office ship-shape. Pin it here.

5. For decluttering your closet:

The closet is often the most neglected room in the home. It becomes a catch-all for junk and an unofficial storage room. You can fix that with this diagram. Pin it here.

4. For relaxing:

Not everyone can afford a day at the spa, but you might be able to make your home more zen-like. Check out this chart for more info on how to treat yo self. Pin it here.

3. For handling tantrums:

Yeah yeah, your sweet little angel never throws tantrums. But just in case they ever decide to, here's a handy chart for handling them. Pin it here.

2. For your honey:

If you've been together a long time, here are some great ideas of fun and silly things to do with your significant other. Pin it here.

1. For when the lights go out:

Unfortunately, you never know when a bad storm will hit that might knock out the power or keep your from leaving the house for several days. Here's a good diagram to show what kind of things you should keep in an emergency kit at home. Pin it here.

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