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9 Clever Ways Country Folks Beat the Heat


Many people just aren't built for the heat. Some think temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit are blazing. Next time you're feeling like you're coming down with heat stroke, get creative.

These people have discovered ways to keep cool. Although some methods are a little ridiculous, they probably work pretty well. Don't let the heat ruin your perfect summer.

1. The stair master


This is one committed kid. Even better, it actually works as a water slide.

2. The ultimate splash zone


Talk about getting swept away. This one will definitely cool you right off. It's probably not ideal for small children, however.

3. Outdoor shower and sprinkler


This is great to have for the kids to rinse off before they come inside. It also works as a perfect standing sprinkler as well.

4. Mud pool

A little dirt never hurt. However, a pool entirely made of mud is another story. Either way, it gets the job done, and everyone is a little cooler.

5. Redneck water park


Jumping off a dock is only fun for so long. These people took it up about 10 notches. Some folks will do almost anything to have a good time.

6. Redneck wave pool


This is the closest thing some people will get to a rip curl this summer. Grab your boogie board and ride on.

7. A pickup truck pool

What's better than a pool on the go?


8. Waterslide loop


Some folks really go to extremes to keep cool.

9. Legit Slip 'N Slide

It definitely looks fun.

This article was originally published in 2016.

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