15 Chuckle-Worthy Country Album Covers

Between passing fads in music and fashion, there's often a few chuckle-inducing images to be found when digging through crates of old country albums. The internet's obsession with funny photos fuels the search for weird country album covers through lists similar to this one. While other lists cull a lot from the odd fashion choices and unibrows on private press gospel albums, here's an all-country roundup of questionable artwork. This time, not even Dolly Parton is immune to a little teasing.

Even when country album covers are bizarre on purpose, they can still be memorable.

Songs They Censored In The Hills

This one is harmless, and it's as appealing as a tasty nanner.

Wacky Westerns

Not even the most consistently great country traditionalist's airbrushed album art is immune to a few chuckles.

Don't Cheat In Our Hometown

"Everybody's Mother" resembles your aunt who'll never update her wardrobe or hairstyle.

Dorothy Goes Country

Three words: Wheeler Walker Sr.


This odd couple looks like something from a Hee-Haw sketch taken too far.

The Legendary J.E. Mainer/Vol. 8

Lonnie & Lottie were actually pretty great. Here, they look like the sort of awkward Southern gospel family group that usually dominate these types of lists.

Just Between The Two Of Us

Little David Wilkins is another forgotten name from the past who's talent is overshadowed by an ill-conceived album cover.

King Of All The Taverns

Country music's obsession with truck drivers and CB radios begat some real winners.

Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives

Also, here's the Swedish answer to the singing trucker.

Trucker Joe

Pro wrestler Sweet Daddy Siki's foray into music included this forgotten crossover between country music and the squared circle.

Sweet Daddy Siki

This old standby for bad album cover lists is misleading. John Bult's missed shot at a hit was about a drunken father's costly mistake, not a cradle robber.

John Bult

Even the great Dolly Parton had a strange album cover back in 1973.

Bubbling Over

How is this not an iconic image? It's tough, retro and a little tacky, in the best possible way.

Smoke Smoke Smoke

Finally, "The Fireman" (George Strait) and "The Eagle" (Waylon Jennings) writer Mack Vickery's solo career included this live solo album and it's not so subtle cover.

Alabama Women's Prison

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15 Chuckle-Worthy Country Album Covers