15 Funny Arkansan Words That Require Explanation

Every place has got its own vocabulary unique to the region…some places more than others.

Take these words from Arkansas for example. Where else do you get the opportunity to use us’uns and we’uns? Or find blinky milk? And where else could you beat the pee-waddin‘ out of somebody?

Yes, there are certainly some hilarious Arkansas words.

Do you use any of these terms where you’re from?

15. Chunk-floater

(n.): a heavy rain

Rain’s coming. Yup, looks like a real chunk-floater. 

This is such a torrential downpour that it floats away all the leftover chunks of wood that couldn’t be split or that were left behind. You might hear your grandfather say this while he’s rocking on the porch and watching the rain. A chunk-floater is not the heaviest rainfall you can experience, however. That is reserved for our next hilarious Arkansas word.

14. Frog-strangler

(n.): an even heavier rain

Had a real frog-strangler last night that washed away all the seed.

You may know it as a duck-drowner or a gully-washer, though significantly stronger than the latter. We’re talking a lot of water in a short amount of time. This is a storm so bad that even amphibians–you know, those guys that are good at swimming and all–drown.

13. Goozle

(n.): mouth and lips

Just enough water to wet my goozle. 

12. Clumb

(v.): past tense of the verb to climb.

I clumb up to the roof to patch the shingles after that frog-strangler we had.

11. Posties

(n.): the plural of those stakes you drive in the ground to run a fence on

I been out driving posties for the new fence all day.

You know, posts.

10. Yo-yo fishing


(n.): a type of fishing in which you hang a device called a yo-yo from a tree limb over the water

Got about a pound and half of catfish per yo-yo last night. It was good fishing.

You let the line out and set the yo-yo and then you leave it alone. When a fish hits, a spring in the yo-yo will set the hook, play the fish and then pull the fish’s head up out of the water. Then you come back and collect your fish. Especially deadly with cats.

9. Like to

(adv.): nearly, just about

Eagle’s like to come get your fish if you leave them hanging there on your yo-yos all day.

8. Roebuckers

(n): When your real teeth fall out and you have to buy new ones, them are roebuckers; as in Sears & Roebucks

Something different about you. You get a new set of roebuckers?

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7. Tarpoleon

(n): No, not Napoleon covered in tar, though that’s what it sounds like. This is one of those plastic sheets you use to cover wood or haul leaves.

Danny, pull that tarpoleon up so it covers the hole in roof that I couldn’t fix.

Most of the world just calls them tarps or tarpaulin. Not Arkansas though. They throw an extra syllable in there for good measure. Kind of like our next word on the list.

6. Registeration

(n): What you need for your car or to vote

What do you mean my registeration ran out ten years ago, officer?

5. Bowed up

(adj.): You know when someone says something offensive or stupid and you kind of pull your head backward in recoil and your shoulders pull inward? That’s bowed up.

Now don’t get all bowed up about it, you know registration is expired. 

It means you’re angry or impatient. Like a snake when it’s about to strike.

4. Cattywampus

(adj.): Askew, off-kilter

You set the posties all cattywampus. How are we supposed to hang anything from them now?

When something isn’t set straight or it’s been knocked out of awry, it’s cattywampus. Usually horribly crooked. Also slonchways and antigogglin.

3. Air-up

(v.): to fill something with air; pretty straightforward and very useful

Air-up them tires before we head into town.

2. Tump

(v): what happens when you turn around real fast and knock your coffee mug off the hood of your trunk and it spills out

My damn coffee tumped over!

1. Sprangledy

(adj.): When something doesn’t grow strong or grow straight, it may be sprangledy. Or if you’ve been out in the rain, your hair might get sprangledy. Thin, scraggly, mussed, disheveled.

Figures you’d raise such a sprangledy boy. He can’t even lift an ax!

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15 Funny Arkansan Words That Require Explanation