15 Essentials Every Country Girl Should Own

Whether you're born and bred Country, or simply a country girl at heart, these are essential items you should have in your collection. 


From perfecting your boots, sunglasses, and jacket look to making sure your home is flawlessly inviting, there are some country essentials that are must-haves along the way. Being fabulous doesn't have to break the bank, and if you're feeling crafty, you can even make some of these yourself!

1. Monogrammed Flask

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Whether you're heading out and don't wanna lose your buzz between bars or hitting a party and prefer your own drink to that suspicious jungle juice, it's practically irresponsible not to own a flask. Don't forget to add a monogram to let the world know you mean business, and they better be nice if they expect you to share.

2. Cowboy Boots

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This one is so obvious it should go without saying. Whether it's your basic ranch-ready black or embroidered with a heel, the perfect pair of boots completes your outfit and your wardrobe. Bonus: If you're careful, you can slide your phone, ID/credit cards, or even a car key down the side so you don't need to bring a purse that will interfere with important activities like dancing.

3. Mason Jars

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No household is complete without a good set of mason jars, especially in different sizes.

Flower vase? Cup for an iced latte? Place to store extra cash?

Mason jars are cute, versatile, and inexpensive, and a cornerstone of your basic and creative decorative needs.

4. Martina McBride's Cookbook

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Every girl should be able to whip up a little something delicious, but who says we can't have a little help? Martina's cookbook is a delicious saving grace, and even has themed suggestions for when you need a little planning inspiration.

5. Polaroid Camera

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Okay, we all have Instagram now, but Polaroids will forever be the coolest way to document a moment. It's still fun to watch your picture appear before your eyes, and you can stick them in a mirror or collage them on your wall. All in all, it's way simpler, cheaper, and better-looking than heading to the drugstore to print digital pix. Right?

6. Christmas Lights

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As Cher says in Clueless, "Did my hair get flat? Did I stumble into some bad lighting?" Don't let this be you!

Up the ambiance of your home with some Christmas lights, which come in a million different colors and styles, so whether it's little white lights or pale red lanterns, you'll be able to find your perfect vibe.

7. Fireball Whiskey

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While whiskey should always be on hand for putting in hot chocolate, baking with (honey bourbon cupcakes are a personal favorite), or just taking straight shots of, Fireball is a total crowd-pleaser, and the simplest thing to have around everyone will love.

8. Flannel-Scented Candles

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This one may sound weird, but bare with me - Bath and Body Works knows their game, and their 'flannel' scented candle features tones of "bergamot, mahogany, and a delicate veil of musk," which basically means festive, comforting, and delicious.

9. Inspirational Art

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Monday mornings can be rough, and there's no better way to get yourself up and at 'em than by having some motivational words around you. There are so many great options to choose from, so browse Etsy or hit Pinterest for some inspiration to create your own.

10. Aviators

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While it's easy to covet a sweet pair of Ray Bans, even cheap aviators look great and keep the hair out of your eyes when you're driving with the windows down. Having a great cheap pair is also wonderful in case someone 'borrows' them, or they get crunched in the bottom of your purse.

11. Jean Jacket

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A good jean jacket is like a second skin. It pairs with a dress and boots, or a sweater and leggings and matches just about anything. If you haven't found your perfect denim yet, get shopping - a great look isn't even particularly expensive to make your own.

12. Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

Image via Cowgirls Untamed

Decorate your house with functionality and style with this absolutely adorable jewelry holder made from horseshoes. If you have some lying around, you can make your own - just grab some nails and some extra pallet wood.

13. Flower Headband


Image via Three Sunbeams

Whether it's just a day out-and-about or you're planning your wedding, a tasteful flower crown or headband is the perfect way to complete your outfit or distract from needs-to-be-washed hair!

14. Pepper Spray Lipstick

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No matter what your lifestyle is like, self-defense is important - but who says you can't look stylish doing it! This pepper spray looks like a tube of lipstick (don't mix them up!) and keeps you prepared.

15. Record Player

Image via GeekAlerts

Thank God albums still comes on vinyl! The giant sleeve is perfect for home decor, and turntables are now cuter and more affordable than ever, making the perfect accessory for your home and music needs.

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15 Essentials Every Country Girl Should Own