15 Easy Packing Tips for Your Summer Trips

Vacation starts tomorrow. You can't put off packing any longer.

You've made the packing list. You've gathered your favorite belongings around your suitcase. Now comes the hard part. Getting it all in there. Is this mission impossible? Need some packing tips?

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a three-week road trip, these packing hacks will help you fit, fold, and fool your suitcase into holding everything you need.

15. Kick the cat out of the bag.

cat in suitcase
Flickr/Wolfgang Lonien

Even if it's simply adorable...

cat in suitcase2

14. Transform straws into tangle savers by stringing necklaces through and clasping.

necklace straw WOC

13. Protect your clothes from dirty shoes by putting each pair in a shower cap.

shoes in shower cap

12. Stuff your shoes with socks or other small items.

child in shoe
Moon Stars and Paper this...

socks inside shoes WOC

 11. Roll 'em up instead of folding your clothes. You'll be surprised at the space it saves.

fold clothes WOC

Plus it helps prevent wrinkles, too.

 10. Keep belts coiled and collars sharp in one easy step.

belt collar WOC

9. Repurpose mint or gum containers to pack small items like earrings.

mint container

This can help you keep track of tiny treasures...and hide them from others.

8. Stop wrinkles with dry cleaning bags.

dry cleaner bags

Lay clothing inside the bag, then fold. The plastic prevents permanent creases.

7. Nestle q-tips in an empty medicine bottle.


6. Use a contact lens case to hold just enough lotion or makeup for a short trip.

contact lens case WOC
Flickr/Lenore Edman

5. Seal your leakables with plastic wrap.

bottles with plastic

4. Create a mini-pharmacy out of an old glasses case.

glasses case

Allergy pills. Stomach meds. Cold capsules. Whatever you might need. Take one or two instead of the whole box of each. As long as you can still identify what's what!

3. Cozy your breakables inside your socks.

Kerry Nenn
Kerry Nenn

Just be careful when you go to put them on.

2. Download a novel or two and leave the bulky books behind.

Flickr/Tina Franklin

1. Keep the contents of your crammed case fresh by adding a dryer sheet.

dryer sheet WOC

It won't take up much space!

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15 Easy Packing Tips for Your Summer Trips