15 Crazy Southern and Rural Icons That Drop on New Year’s Eve

Of course we all know about the famous glittering ball that slowly descends over Manhattan every New Year’s Eve. Along with it are plenty of fireworks exploding across the country. However, these festive towns show up the Big Apple with their unique twists on New Years celebrations.

15. A Giant Wooden Flea in Eastover, North Carolina

This might be the first case of an historic flea infestation inspiring a giant, handmade 30-pound flea as the icon of New Years.

14. An Electric Moon Pie in Mobile, Alabama

YouTube/Catt Sirten Screengrab

Hardly anything says “party” like a huge, electric moon pie dropping from the sky.

13. A Little Sparkling Apple in Manhattan, Kansas

A bright apple gives a little nod to the Big Apple up north.

12. A Cherry Blossom in Macon, Georgia


This gorgeous tradition is a memorable reminder that Macon is the cherry blossom capital of the world.

11. A Pretty Peach in Atlanta, Georgia


And the hits keep on coming in Georgia where a huge peach inside of a lighted tower makes the carnival-like festivities even more exciting.

10. An Olive in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

While it might not seem exciting at first glance, this olive lands in a giant martini glass!

9. Chuck the Chicken in Gainesville, Georgia

Flickr/Olaf Gradin

This colorful tradition changes up the fruit and flower emphasis in Georgia. It makes sense, considering Gainesville is the poultry capital of the world.

8. A Live Possum in Brasstown, North Carolina

Yes, you read that right.

7. A Pinecone in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flickr/Roderick Eime

When this tradition started back 1999, it was just a bedazzled trash can. Now it’s a glowing emblem of the giant ponderosa pine forest surrounding the town.

6. A Pickle in Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Why not drop a pickle dangling from a pole in a town named Mount Olive? The Mount Olive Pickle Company thought it was a good idea.

5. Beach Balls in Panama City Beach, Florida

There’s the giant, sparkling beach ball. Then there are the 10,000 real beach balls they drop onto the crowd at midnight!

4. An Acorn in Raleigh, North Carolina

This impressive acorn drops over a city filled with festivities on New Year’s Eve.

3. A giant chunk of cheese in Plymouth Wisconsin

Everyone knows Wisconsin makes good cheddar so it makes sense one city would have a Big Cheese Drop.

2. One Giant Bologna in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

We’re talking around 150 pounds of bologna dropping. Don’t worry. It won’t go to waste. It is donated to charity after the festivities.

1. A golf ball in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Of course this picturesque destination would have a matching New Years accessory.

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15 Crazy Southern and Rural Icons That Drop on New Year’s Eve