15 Country Songs for the Dreamer in all of Us

We all have dreams for our lives. Here’s a list of country songs for dreamers who have their heads in the clouds… in a good way! 

15. “Crazy Dreams” – Carrie Underwood

We all have them- dreams so big and crazy that they scare us. Carrie Underwood knows we’ve all been “hairbrush singers and dashboard drummers” because she was one, too. This song is such a power anthem to remind us that there’s a dream in all of our hearts, and there’s nothing stopping us from chasing it.

14. “My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

This song is such a sweet reminder that sometimes the biggest factors in reaching our dreams are the people we’re surrounded by. Even when we reach the top of the ladder we’re climbing, along the way we should never forget where we come from and the kindness we’re meant to show the world.

13. “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” – Eli Young Band

Oh yes, this one is quite the quintessential dreamer song. A youngster is captivated by music, and it becomes all he wants for his life. Even the video for this song—shot in downtown Nashville—is an inspirational depiction of the power of dreams. Don’t ever let heartbreak and the word “no” make you stop dreaming!

12. “Anyway” – Martina McBride

Big dreams almost always mean taking big risks. There’s always a chance that you’ll fall on your face and feel like a failure, but you know what? You’ll muster up some colossal courage, and you’ll give it your best shot anyway.

11. “Letter to Me” – Brad Paisley

When we feel stuck, sometimes all it takes is remembering how far we’ve come. Don’t you wish you could tell your past self that you’ll get through a whole lot of messes and end up with a life better than you imagined? You don’t have to dwell on the past, but looking back at what you climbed in days past can make today’s mountains seem like nothing but molehills.

10. “Up!” – Shania Twain

Sitting on the ground after you’ve been knocked down is not fun. But, it means the only direction you can go is UP! Shania reminds us to find happiness in the little things on the worst of days, and her hilarious dance moves in this video will give you just the chuckle you need when you’re in a rough spot.

9. “Big Star” – Kenny Chesney

Dreams don’t come true in one easy step—there’s a long journey and with every day, you get a little closer. This song tells the story of a girl who started at the bottom and never gave up. When she got to the top, the naysayers were suddenly her biggest fans… imagine that!

8. “If You’re Going Through Hell” – Rodney Atkins

Sometimes you feel like the devil is following you around and ruining everything you touch. Have no fear— Rodney Atkins is here to remind to you to just keep on going!

7. “I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack

Our dreams don’t always have to be for ourselves. This tender tune is full of wishes and hopes for a loved one. It’s sprinkled with wisdom and caring guidance, and Lee Ann Womack’s powerful voice carries so much love as she sings it.

6. “Riser” – Dierks Bentley

Part love song and part tough anthem, “Riser” is the epitome of quiet strength. You can be strong for your own purposes as you face adversity, but this song is all about sharing that strength with someone you love and protecting both of you from crumbling as you fight for the life you dream of.

5. “Change” – Taylor Swift

Even a brick wall is no match for unwavering determination. When the odds seem to be stacked against you, hold on tight. No matter how big or small they are, keep staring down your demons and believe that change will come!

4. “Baby Girl” – Sugarland

Dreams can cost an awful lot. They can take away your money, your faith in people, and your motivation. But if you push through the “little white lies” and the uncertainty, you’ll get where you’re going. One day your parents (and everyone you know!) will be proud to have such a successful dreamer in their life!

3. “How Do You Like Me Now?!” – Toby Keith

This one goes out to all the haters out there. If anyone tells you that you’ll never be good enough, just save this spiteful song for that moment when you can look down from the top at all your critics and smile to yourself.

2. “Born to Fly” – Sara Evans

If you’ve been telling your dreams to the scarecrow, maybe it’s time to give him a kiss goodbye and go chase down those dreams! When you know where you want to be, it’s hard to stay where you are. If you were “Born to Fly,” get out there and take off!

1. “When You Come Back Down” – Nickel Creek

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll always carry pieces of the ones you love. While you’re out dreaming, let this song be a reminder that your cherished family and the truest of friends will always be there for you—no matter if you’re sinking or soaring.

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15 Country Songs for the Dreamer in all of Us