15 of the Most Awkward and Hilarious Street Names

Earlier this year the Washington Post catalogued literally every street in America, and in doing so, they uncovered some interesting patterns. While most streets in America are actually named normal things like "Park", "Second" or "Main", there are some more creative ones out there.

Here in Austin we enjoy such strange names as Slaughter Lane and Convict Hill, which are much less frightening than they sound. While in other parts of the country the names get even weirder. Here are 15 funny street names from all across this great nation of ours.

I'm betting they don't get many visitors.

Found in Priest River, Idaho

Image via The Irate Gamer

200 miles from the closest public restroom.

Found in Story, Arkansas

Image via Funny Signs

The intersection named by 7th-grade boys.

Found in Bakersfield, California

Image via Google Maps

That's what you get for naming your town Weiner, Arkansas.

Found in Weiner, Arkansas

Image via World Wide Interweb

I mean... it must be an illustrious address, being so near the country club and all...right?

Found in Bainbridge Island, Washington

Image via What Do I Know

If 2008 was a street corner:

Found in Troy, Michigan

Image via Mandatory

Come on Google Maps, navigate around this one.

Found in Great Meadows, New Jersey

Image via Wikipedia

Good God Katie just put it away, please.

Found in New Portland, Maine

Image via College Humor

Fill your heart with Jesus and your veins with illicit drugs at Meth Bible Camp!

Found in Blountville, Tennessee

Image via Russian Atlanta

We all know a few people with this address.

Found in Littleton, Colorado

Image via Only in Your State

Damn, we're lost. I was looking for Collaborate and Listen Road.

Found in Rockmart, Georgia

Image via The Chive

There's this cute bed and breakfast down the road with the nicest caretaker, by the name of Bates.

Found in Traverse City, Michigan

Image via Everything Under Sky

Other lovely names considered for this neighborhood were "Sadness Street" and "Drinking Problem Drive"

Found in Heather Highlands, Pennsylvania

Image via Prime Puzzle

I think I'll take the next exit, thanks.

Found in Central City, Colorado

Image via White's Electronics

Found in Colorado, where pot is legal.

Found in Fountain, Colorado

Image via Reddit

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