15 Awesome Things Only Found in North Carolina

There are certain things that make us distinctly American, like our affinity for fried food, baseball, large plots of land and blue denim jeans.

But within our great country lies individual states that also possess unique qualities, food, destinations and goods. We associate Texas with sprawling landscapes and country music, California with year-round sunny weather and posh Hollywood stars, Kentucky with barrel-aged bourbon and horse racing and, well, you get the picture. States pride themselves on the attributes that define their character and heritage.

Today, let's look at 15 unique things that are only found in North Carolina. When you think of the "Tar Heel State", you might think of the noted universities, Duke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and North Carolina State. You might envision the breathtaking mountain ranges in the west and the secluded beaches in the east. Or maybe you don't think of any of these things because you don't know the first thing about North Carolina. Whether you're a native or a newcomer, you'll love learning about these 15 most unique things about North Carolina.

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15 Awesome Things Only Found in North Carolina