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13 Hilarious Apology Cakes from People Who Really Screwed Up

We have all been there, your mother, brother, best friend, or significant other is mad at you for something you did, and who's to blame them? This time you really messed up bad. What better way to say, "I'm sorry," than with a whole sweet and delicious cake so that they can literally sink their teeth into your apology. Welcome to the world of apology cakes, where everything is always forgiven. Kind of.

We have composed a lighthearted list of some of the best apology cakes we could find with recipes to help you out the next time you need to say, "I'm sorry." Whether you crashed your friend's car or just threw up in their bed, have no fear because a delectable cake will save your day and your relationship.

These sorry cakes aren't cake wrecks or cake fails but rather an honest cake (that is usually tasty) and a great way of apologizing with a bit of humor. We find the more specific apology cakes to be the funniest. just take a look at these hilarious apology cakes for yourself.

1. We all lose our cool.

The best way to ease the aftermath of an adulting-gone-wrong meltdown is with a sugary, delightful apology cake. Try this recipe for Chocolate Dr. Pepper Cupcakes with Cherry Buttercream Frosting.

2. Cake trumps Danish every time.

When it's mid-morning, your stomach is grumbling, and you just can't stop yourself, be ready to apologize for your hangry pangs with a funny apology cake.

Take this Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake to the office and brighten everyone's day.


3. Be careful where you point those things.

Sorry I tased you. When you tase your friend, you should probably bake them a scrumptious cake to make up for the pain and suffering you caused them.

Try this Chocolate Lava Cake recipe to erase the eruption of electricity.

4. When Sylvia gets hangry and eats all the food.

Maybe cut out the middle man and just bake Sylvia a Fig and Honey Cake next time. Or better yet, make a chocolate cake for everyone else but Sylvia.

5. When you take the relationship to the next level too fast.

This is always a sticky situation, so obviously, the best way to ease this sort of tension is by baking your love interest a funny cake because the quickest way to their heart is through their stomach.

6. Bad driving skills?

Well, we hope your baking skills are on point, but with this Foolproof Pound Cake recipe, you won't need to be an all-star baker to ease the tension.

7. A cake for a cake.

What's better than cake? A replacement cake. And what's the best replacement cake? A boozy Rum Cake with Glaze. You're welcome.

8. When you're too tipsy to function.

When you're sorry you slammed down those tequila shots like they were limeades and made several sloppy mistakes, bake the friend that took care of you a mouth-watering cake.

Or, some Guinness and Jameson-laced cupcakes with this Irish Car Bomb Cupcake recipe.

9. Sometimes the room keeps spinning.

Be sure to wash their sheets and also bake them a delicious Orange and Olive Oil Cake, because this dense and delectable cake will turn their frown upside-down.

10. Who gets the last piece?

Not this person, but if you plan on replacing one piece of cake with an entire cake you can eat any slice you want. Maybe make a Samoa Cheesecake for the win?

11. Cake really does fix everything.

Even if you've turned into a brat after a full-fledged day of hardcore adulting, cake will fix whatever you broke. Specifically, this recipe for Slow Cooker Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

12. When that one night was like The Hangover.

There's nothing quite like a whole cake to indulge in after a rough night. Why not treat your favorite adult to a homemade Boston Cream Pie.

13. When your aim is a little off.

We can't all be rockstar pitchers. Take your pick from this list of scrumptious pound cake recipes that always look pretty, especially when topped with whipped cream or a sweet glaze.

Snap some pictures of your apology cakes and post them to Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats, so we can see your best recipe to say "I'm sorry."

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