14 Girl Power Country Songs That Will Boost Your Mood

Being a woman isn’t always easy, so here’s a playlist to get you through the tough days and remind you that being you is just plain awesome.

1. “Nobody Ever Told You” – Carrie Underwood

When you need a good old-fashioned pick-me-up, this song fits the bill. It sounds like sunshine set to music, and the lyrics will remind you that you have something unique and beautiful to offer to the world.

2. “Step Off” – Kacey Musgraves

If someone in your life is being a real downer and dragging you with them, blasting this song in your car is the perfect remedy for you. And hey, maybe it’ll give you the shot of confidence to tell that person to take their insults and misery somewhere else–you ain’t got time for that nonsense!

3. “Red High Heels” – Kellie Pickler

Ever been dumped? Need to make him regret leaving a gem like you? Kellie Pickler has just the tune for you. No one’s opinion can stop you from going out looking like a knockout with your head held high. Whether you’re in red high heels or your classiest black dress, nobody can hold a candle to you!

4. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” – Shania Twain

The title says it all. Sometimes you just need to celebrate being a woman. Jam along with that electric guitar and embrace the perks of being a free and independent woman. You go girl!

5. “A Little Bit Stronger” – Sara Evans

Even though it sounds a little melancholic, this tune is a declaration that no one else can have control over your emotions and hopes. It’s a subtle reminder that even the smallest steps are still progress when you’re healing from heartbreak.

6. “Turn on the Radio” – Reba McEntire

We may not all have the option to sing a spiteful message to an ex through the radio. But with this song, who needs it? Find a power kick for yourself, as you listen to Reba tell an ex just what to do when he misses her…

7. “Trouble” – Gloriana

A country girl can be soft and sweet, but if you mess with her heart, a different side will come out to haunt you. Any girl deserves better than being treated poorly, and this song doesn’t hesitate when it tells a heartbreaker to get out and never come back!

8. “This One’s for the Girls” – Martina McBride

If there was ever a true country anthem for girl power, this song is it. It’s a tribute to ladies everywhere who stay true to themselves and their dreams even in the face of adversity. Even when it seems like no one else is, Martina is on your side, ladies!

9. “Fly” – Maddie and Tae

It may not be the song you turn to when you just need to dance out your frustration, but the happiness boost from this song comes from the inspirational lyrics. Rough day at work? Tired of things not going your way? This song is guaranteed to remind you that tough country girls can make it through any downfall.

10. “DONE.” – The Band Perry

Sometimes you need to tell someone bluntly that you’re finished dealing with their games. This song is fantastic for when you just need to remind yourself that you’re better than being stuck in an ugly situation. Turn it on and scream, “UGH!” right along with Kimberly Perry—it’ll make you feel better.

11. “Settlin’” – Sugarland

When you’re looking for a soul mate, high standards are a must. If you’re tired of “so-so… just gettin’ by,” put this song on and remind yourself that you deserve the best. Sugarland “ain’t settlin’ for anything less than everything,” and you shouldn’t either!

12. “Bye-Bye” – Jo Dee Messina

This song is one for those times when you know what you want, and you know you’re not getting it. You put yourself out there for someone? They danced around and left you in the cold? It’s time that you leave for good, and you “ain’t ever lookin’ back.” Bye-bye, heartache and hello, freedom!

13. “Downtown” – Lady Antebellum

You know that saying, “all dressed up and nowhere to go”? Well, that cliché is not for you. You know you’re fabulous and you deserve to be shown off and appreciated. This song is your anthem for when you’re tired of sitting around at home—tell your man to take you out and treat you right!

14. “Famous” – Kelleigh Bannen

A woman may not be able to easily heal her own heartbreak, but she can warn every other girl in town against the jerk that hurt her. Kelleigh Bannen threatens to do just that. Words can do a lot of damage, and the power to warn an army about a Casanova is a mighty power indeed.

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14 Girl Power Country Songs That Will Boost Your Mood