14 Beautiful Table Settings for Your Fantasy Country Dinner Party

One day, we'll throw that enchanted country dinner party that feels like something straight out of a music video. Or Alice in Wonderland.

Some people seem to lead enchanted lives. They have decadent parties in the backyards of their elegant farmhouses. They invite 50-plus people and sit them all at a 100-foot-long picnic table that's brimming with food and drinks. There's burlap and gingham banners hanging from the trees and the whole thing feels to beautiful to be real.

Feed your fantasy with these table settings that are so pretty it hurts.

1. Start Simple with Hand Picked Wildflowers in Mason Jars

J. Nichols Photo / Apartment Therapy

Who says fantasy has to break the bank? This spread is totally feasible, even if you're not a professional event planner. You can take some items you have around the house and tastefully arrange them on the table. And, what's more country than wildflowers?

2. Baby's Breath and Burlap

A Lowcountry Wedding
Kristin Burke Photography

Fluffy, cloud-like flowers arranged in bushels in blue mason jars, sitting on top a simple burlap runner. This spread is an effortlessly elegant yet casual tablescape. Plus, Baby's Breath is very affordable, even when purchased freshly cut.

3. Repurpose a Window box or Planter for an Easter Brunch Centerpiece
Planting Happiness

Fresh spring flowers bursting out of a weathered window box makes a beautiful springtime centerpiece. If you're planning an Easter brunch, try placing individual jelly bean cups at each seat for a personal touch.

4. Cover the Kid's Table with a Craft Paper Tablecloth

Fields and Skies Photography

Talk about a great idea that looks adorable. For the children, cover their table with a big sheet of craft paper, and write the day's activities right on the table "cloth". Kids can check off what the project's they've completed and see what's up next. Or just use craft paper and leave a bucket of crayons on the table and let them go hog wild.

5. Georgia Pines and White Candles

Apartment Therapy

Another simple and elegant way to add light and beauty to your picnic table. Find a green garland (I love pine needles), and drape it along the center. Add white candles, and elevate them with rustic, wooden coasters. Instant romance.

6. Eclectic Whimsey in the Back 40
Analisa Joy

Whoever this hostess is, she's doing it right. The whimsical balloon in the center of the table is a truly unique centerpiece that will steal the show. Love the almost random assortment of silverware, vases, glasses, and flowers. And why not put your table in the middle of your pasture? What a beautiful backdrop for a charmed evening.

7. Sunny Gingham and Burlap

Chris Cooney

The three key ingredients to a lovely country tablescape are mason jars, burlap, and fresh picked flowers. We love how it all works together on this table. Bright, happy yellow blooms sitting atop rustic slices of wood make for a playful dichotomy.

8. Sundown Rustic Class

Rock My Wedding
Divine Photography

For a more formal touch, we love the white tablecloth pulled over this large table. All the glassware is translucent, and the candles and plates are white. Simple, lush greenery adds life to this elegant setting. We want to watch the sun go down by the glow of all those candles.

9. Menus as Napkin Rings

Etsy / TieThatBindsWeddings
Etsy / TieThatBindsWeddings

What a cute touch! These custom menus delicately wrap up your guest's silverware and napkins. There's even a fresh baby rose tucked inside. It's the little things like this that elevate your country dinner party to the next level. Pin-worthy!

10. Mismatched, Don't Care

Green Wedding Shoes
Daniella Teulade

Work with what you got. All these mismatched chairs sitting in a big friendly family around a small table makes for a sweet, casual dinner spot. Simple plates and an elegant runner pull it all together.

11. Succulents and Mosses

Burnett's Boards
Burnett's Boards

We love succulents everywhere. Tabletops, mugs, mason jars, bridal bouquets. You really can't go wrong with succulents. This vibrant country table is decked out with them, and we love it. Add some patches of green moss to connect your candles to your flower arrangements, and your lush tablescape is practically growing right in front of you.

12. Southwestern Colors and Cacti

B Lovely Events
Adrienne Gunde

This table is so much fun we can hardly contain ourselves. Who says flower arrangements have to be soft? These cute cacti are perfectly set off by the vibrant purples and oranges in this southwestern inspired table.

13. Miner's Lanterns for Romantic Lighting

Kristinne W. Man Designs

Move the party into the barn on those warm summer nights. These miner's lanterns have all the charm you need for your tabletops. Bright sunflowers add a touch of life to this simple and rustic dinner.

14. Boho-Gemstone with a Touch of DIY

Burnett's Boards
Paula Bartoseiwicz

Antique candle holders, boxes with trinkets, and animal horns, mix old and new along this whether picnic table. The possibilities for this table runner are also really exciting. It appears to be a long roll of paper or fabric with a wash of paint on either side for an ombre effect. And we love the little geodes at each setting.

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14 Beautiful Table Settings for Your Fantasy Country Dinner Party