12 Times Lyle Lovett's Hair Was Its Own Person

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It's no secret that Lyle Lovett's hair has its own personality. In fact, it has become something of a legend. Most people don't know that Lyle Lovett's hair once seceded from Lovett and declared itself its own nation. We've gathered some of the most revealing moments when Lyle Lovett's hair was its own person.

12. The hair that hung out behind the track at high school...

Via Nashville Country Music Scene

...and listened to Elvis Presley while it was supposed to be taking a math exam.

11. The vengeful hair that said, "You did NOT just steal my solo"...


...and proceeded to play a 10-minute saxophone solo over Alice Peacock's lyrics.

10. The hair that pulled you over for driving too sexy.

THE PLAYER, Lyle Lovett, 1992, (c) Miramax
The Player Miramax

9. The hair that said, "Psst, hey kid, you got a cancer stick?"

Via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Then invited you to play pool and hustled you out of your '56 Thunderbird.

8. The hair that was having a bad Lyle day.

Forrest L. Smith III

7. The prima donna hair that refused to pose entirely in the frame.

"If I Had A Boat"

Ain't nobody got time for that!

6. The hair that tried to set out on its own to become a Hollywood star...

Wolfgang's Vault

...but had to compromise its values by doing modeling shots for Marlboro to make ends meet.

5. The before-they-were-famous hair from the 70s embarrassed by its lack of individuality.

"If I Went to a Funeral"

Cut it some slack, people, finding yourself is difficult!

4. The hair that stood by its man.

Curb Records

3. And the hair that didn't.


This hair got fed up with all Lovett's heartbreak and went and got itself a younger man.

2. This hair that said, "Nuh uh, I'm taking the day off."

Horse and Rider Magazine

Then went on to win the Kentucky Reining Cup.

1. And the hair that had the answer to Robert De Niro's immortal question. "Are you talkin' to me?"


It responded, "You're darn straight, I'm talking to you!" then proved that city tough ain't got nothin' on country tough. But they made up and now Lyle Lovett's pompadour and Robert De Niro's mohawk go out for drinks every Friday night.

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12 Times Lyle Lovett's Hair Was Its Own Person