Lyndsay Burginger

Don't Know What to Cook for Dinner Tonight? Try One of Our Personal Favorite Recipes

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? No worries, leave dinner to us. Rather than spend your evening scrolling endlessly through Pinterest for dinner ideas, we are bringing the inspiration right to your table with some of our personal favorites. A main course, sides, lighter fare, or comfort food we've got it all. So if you're in need of a little inspiration, try one of these scrumptious recipes.

1. Garlic Grilled Chicken Thighs

In the mood for some protein? You can't go wrong with this grilled chicken dinner. It only requires six ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep time. How's that for an easy weeknight dinner?

Oh, and for a side, these would go nicely with our buttery slow cooker mashed potatoes.

Get the recipe here.

2. Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

While we're on the subject of quick and easy dinner recipes, this Chinese style stir-fry is a satisfying one to try. It's got chicken, broccoli, carrots, ginger, garlic, and some soy sauce with a hint of honey for flavoring. This is an excellent easy recipe to bust out on a busy weeknight.

Get the recipe here.

3. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Easy and delicious is the name of the game in this recipe. To start, in a large bowl toss chicken, bell peppers, and red onion in our spicy Mexican fajita seasoning blend. Layer everything on a baking sheet and let the oven do its thing for 20 minutes. Once done, we recommend pairing it with warm tortillas, lime, and all your favorite fixings.

Chef's Note: If you're not in the mood for another chicken recipe, you could replace it with some salmon or even tofu.

Get the recipe here.

4. Texas Sweet Potato Casserole

There's something to be said about the comfort of a casserole. Enjoy one tonight Texas style with this recipe. It's loaded with sweet potatoes, black olives, green onions, and shredded jack cheese.

Get the recipe here.

5. Vegetarian Eggplant Parmesan

Racking your brain for what to make for Meatless Monday? We've got you covered. This eggplant parmesan is loaded with cheese, zesty tomato sauce, and perfectly breaded eggplant. Now that's how to do Monday.

Get the recipe here.

6. No-Boil Spaghetti

Back to school night? You're in need of an easy dinner idea and you can't go wrong with a pasta recipe. We particularly enjoy this Italian pasta dish. It calls for Italian sausage, spaghetti, parmesan, and a homemade red sauce.

Get the recipe here.

7. Caprese Salad with Grilled Avocadoes

For those looking for something on the lighter, healthier side, try our spruced up version of a caprese. It calls for coating tomatoes and fresh mozzarella in garlic oil, then plating them with olive oil coated grilled avocado and basil leaves. Add on a pinch of salt and some cracked pepper and dinner is served.

Get the recipe here.

8. Black Bean Burger

If you want something on the healthier side but a salad just won't suffice, satisfy your taste buds and feel good doing so with these black bean burgers. While we went for sprouts, cucumber, greens, and avocado slices for this one, load them up any way you like.

Get the recipe here.

9. Chimichurri Marinated Fajitas

Fire up the grill because you are going to go crazy over these flank steak fajitas. Tender and juicy, they do need to marinate with lime juice and the homemade chimichurri for an hour. But after a single bite, you'll realize it was well worth the wait.

Get the recipe here.

10. Crawfish Pies

If you're in the mood for something different and have a little more time to spare, then have at it with these savory pies. They're stuffed with some Louisiana inspired fixings what with their cajun spices and crawfish and all. Flaky on the outside and bursting with flavor on the insides, you'll dig these meat pies.

Get the recipe here.

11. Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Potatoes and Green Beans

We love how tasty and filling this dish is. You've got flaky salmon, sesame baby potatoes, and fork tender green beans all with a homemade teriyaki sauce. This is a good weeknight meal to switch things up.

Get the recipe here.

12. New England Style Clam Chowder

Of course, it's hard to pass up a cozy, comforting bowl of creamy clam chowder. Ours requires canned clams, onion, celery, garlic, stock, half-and-half, herbs, and some butter. Pair it with a toasted roll or some oyster crackers.

Get the recipe here.