12 Country Stars With Former Football Lives

Tis the season to tackle tailgate parties and eat finger food, because the 2015 NFL Football Season has arrived.

While games are underway, fans across America will be busy moving around their fantasy football lineups’ and swapping out their favorite baseball Tee for that beloved football jersey.

For gridiron goers who also love country music, it may be a surprise to learn that the link shared between certain celebrities and pigskin lies in past childhood memories. Sure, there are country artists who’ve previously put up mpressive numbers playing sports like basketball and baseball, but it could be that the combination of a musical pioneer, a top-selling country newcomer, and a few fellow class of ’89ers all rolled into one makes for its own great team.

Here’s a dozen country stars who tried their luck playing on the field before playing on the stage.


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12 Country Stars With Former Football Lives