11 Ways to Recycle Barn Doors in Your Home

Although barn doors are pretty handy at keeping animals in the right place or saving your farm tools from nasty weather, they are also experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the home. Taking an antique or new barn door and creating a unique piece of home decor is all the rave these days, whether it’s creating a coffee table or sliding door for extra privacy in various rooms throughout your house.

11. Stains Galore

Recycled Barn Door 3

Barn doors can be stained in different colors for a variety of uses, including sliding doors and a unique dining room table.

10. Kitchen Island

Recycled Barn Door 4

Barn doors can also make a great addition to your kitchen in the form of an island. It add rustic charm and extra space for entertaining and cooking.

9. Beverage Station

Recycled Barn Door 5

Have a wedding or special event coming up? Recycled barn doors can be fashioned into charmingly rustic beverage stations that are sure to impress your guests.

8. Art Centerpiece

Recycled Barn Door 6

Don’t have a full barn door, or just want a small piece of unique art for your home? Find a stain and decorate it with country charm.

7. Coffee Table

Recycled Barn Door 7

Again, incorporate unique stains to antique barn doors to add a custom piece of furniture for your home, including these stunning tables.

6. Headboard

Recycled Barn Door 8

Paint, stain and decoupage recycled barn door planks your way into a one-of-a-kind headboard.

5. Unaltered Coffee Table

Recycled Barn Door 9

You don’t have to largely alter the barn door to incorporate it into your home. This lovely coffee table is merely re-stained with some added legs to give the family a unique coffee table.

4. Nursery Decoration

Recycled Barn Door 10

To incorporate a bit of country charm into a new bundle of joy’s nursery, barn doors can add a memorable touch to a gender-neutral nursery.

3. Laundry Room Doors

Recycled Barn Door 11

Barn doors can also be a great way to hide the nooks and crannies that are eyesores in the home. Here a family incorporates the colors of their house in the sliding barn doors.

2. Privacy

Recycled Barn Door 12

Barn doors can also be used for adding privacy to an area that you might not want to put typical doors or add a bit of rustic charm to separate living areas in a unique way.

1. Storage Consoles

Recycled Barn Doors 2

Recycled barn doors can also be utilized for cute storage solutions like these sliding console doors. Want a cute country-inspired decor item that is customizable to your storage needs? Try these on for size.

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11 Ways to Recycle Barn Doors in Your Home