11 Amazing Treehouses That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 11 of the most amazing treehouses from around the world.

Every kid dreams of having a treehouse. But who says treehouses are just for children? Treehouses appeal to nature lovers of all ages – they’re cozy, sustainable and secluded. But if you think a treehouse is simply some two-by-fours fastened together with some nails, then take a closer look.

But if you think a treehouse is simply some two-by-fours fastened together with some nails, then take a closer look. From the perfect vacation spots to weekend getaways to dreamy backyard escapes, these mind-blowing treehouses are sure to bring out your inner child and spark your sense of adventure.

11. The World’s Tallest Treehouse

Oddity Central

Why settle for a one-story treehouse when you could have a 10-story one? As the world’s tallest treehouse, the Minister’s House in Crossville, Tenn., towers 97 feet tall, using six oak trees to support it. Each week, about 500 people from all over the world visit this landmark.

10. Treehouse in Paradise

Arch Daily/Sebastian Jordana

This treehouse in paradise takes oceanfront property to the next level. Sure, there may not be much protection from high tide or a hurricane, but that’s quite a view.

9. The Castle in a Tree

Bit Rebels/Richard Darell

This is a treehouse fit for royalty, complete with a zip line and a bridge. But, sorry, this castle doesn’t include a crown.

8. The Mirrorcube

Second Globe

Look closely, because this hidden hideaway blends in with its surroundings – you just better hope it’s not invisible to birds. The Mirrorcube is part of the Treehotel Project in Sweden, and a one-night stay will set you back about $550.

7. The Bird’s Nest


This is another treehouse from the creators of the Treehotel Project in Sweden. It may look like a giant birds nest on the outside, but the inside is sleek and modern. This 4-person getaway was built in 2010, and it costs about $550 for two people to stay.


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6. The Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant

treehouse restaurant
Redwoods Treehouse
If you think treehouses are just for sleeping and socializing, then take a look at The Redwoods Treehouse restaurant. This restaurant in New Zealand offers a unique dining experience and seats 30 diners at a time. But dining isn’t the only thing you can do at Redwoods; the treehouse is also available for private corporate events, product launches, and weddings.

5. Lakeside Treehouse

lakeside treehouse

Would you swap the keys to your home for this treehouse? Perched over the lake, this treehouse blends style, comfort, and functionality. While most treehouses are a supplement to a larger home, you could live in this cabin-style treehouse fulltime. Not only is this cabin functional, it’s a room with a view, too.

4. Three-Story Treehouse

Explosion/Nick Guli

If you’re looking for the tallest treehouse in British Columbia, then look no further than this three-story abode. With three compartments stacked on top of one another, this dreamy hideaway is said to be the tallest treehouse in British Columbia, Canada. Not to mention, it looks like the perfect place for an intense game of hide-and-go-seek.

3. Rustic Hideaway

Over Grow The System

This rustic cabin in the trees is the perfect place to kick up your feet, close your eyes, and take in the sounds of nature. With weathered, wooden walls, an open floor plan, and tea lights, you’re sure to be relaxed in no time.

2. Teahouse Tetsu

Architectural Digest

The beauty of this treehouse is in its simplicity. Designed by a Japanese architect, the house is surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossom trees and turns fantasy into a reality.

1. UFO Treehouse


This UFO treehouse is out of this world. It’s another stunning creation from the Treehotel Project in Sweden, and it was designed to be lightweight, strong, and sustainable.

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11 Amazing Treehouses That Will Blow Your Mind