11 Hilarious Blake Shelton Moments on The Voice


There is no one funnier in country music than Blake Shelton, and thanks to The Voice, we are blessed with a dose of his antics each week.

Blake Shelton’s two-decade-long musical career has gained him millions of country fans across the world, but since he began as a coach on The Voice, his popularity has skyrocketed. Shelton’s country charm and laugh-out-loud antics on the show have won him legions of new fans outside of country music.

The four-time-winning coach never fails to entertain audiences, whether it’s his budding bromance with fellow judge Adam Levine, his words of wisdom or his impeccable country style. Here are 11 of Shelton’s funniest moments on The Voice…so far.

11. The classic – “That’s what she said.”

10. His ongoing bromance with Adam Levine.

9. …that led to this moment after Levine won “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“Let’s hope he doesn’t forget I’m still going to have the lap he can always sit in.”


8. When he tried to be as stylish as fellow judge Pharrell Williams.

7. This moment he made every woman’s dream come true.

6. When his chair decided to do the judging for him.

5. These sweet dance moves.

4. When he uses his southern charm.

3. …and convinces us to vote.

2. Gwen Stefani should have known not to put the bucket in Shelton’s hands.

1. When he proved he could be a stand-in for Cee Lo Green with this imitation.


BONUS MOMENT: This “Can’t Touch This” video featuring a minute and a half of superb BS.

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11 Hilarious Blake Shelton Moments on The Voice