Make These 11 DIY Mother's Day Food Gifts for Last-Minute Ideas

There's no better way to show mom how much you love and appreciate her on Mother's Day than with a homemade food gift. Sure, she might enjoy a new pair of earrings or a spa gift card, but a gourmet food gift is more personal and unique, especially if it's homemade. I think any busy mom would love to sit back and celebrate with a delicious food gift made just for her. It also gives mom a reason to indulge a little bit, right? After all, she deserves it.

These Mother's Day gift ideas work by themselves, but you can also combine a few of them to make a gourmet gift basket. We suggest cooking your mom a fantastic brunch, and maybe include some of the items you're in her Mother's Day gift basket as part of the meal.

If you're looking to try out a new recipe or make the most out of springtime produce, we have you covered with our list of homemade Mother's Day food gifts. Check out our gift guide below of easy DIY food gifts that are sure to put a smile on her face and make her feel extra special this Mother's Day.

1. Flavored Sugar

If your mom likes to add sugar to her coffee or tea or likes to roll her favorite cookie dough in sugar, than she will love this homemade food gift. Some of the recipes included are: vanilla sugar, orange vanilla and bourbon sugar, and sriracha sugar, but use ingredients and combinations she enjoys.

It might be a good idea to include some of the recipes in this gift set so she can make them again. Here are the recipes.

2. DIY Mother's Day Tea Bags

If your mom is more of a tea drinker, she'll love this tea gift. These DIY tea bags are a great way to say 'I Love You' and the personalized tags are so sweet! Mix up some loose teas yourself or buy her favorite kind and add them into a tea bag filter. You can find the filters on Amazon.

If you want to add more to this tea gift, buy her a few new mugs and create a beautiful gift basket. Here are the directions.

3. Herb Infused Honey

If you're planning on making the tea gift mentioned above, why not include some of these herb-infused honey jars to go with the gift basket?

Mix in some of her favorite fresh herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme, and more to the raw honey and watch her use this homemade food gift in just about everything! Helpful Tip: It's best to start this recipe a few weeks in advance to allow the flavors of the herbs to steep into the honey. Here's the recipe.

4. Sea Salt Caramels

Instead of giving mom a gift box full of store-bought candies or the popular chocolate-covered strawberries, try out these simple sea salt caramels. They're creamy and soft with just the right about of salt sprinkled on top. The gorgeous specks of vanilla are from the vanilla bean powder, which you can find here on Amazon, and make these look so elegant.

If you want to take this food gift to the next level, dip each caramel in dark chocolate or white chocolate. No judging if you make a second batch to keep for yourself! Here's the recipe.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

cookie mix

This food gift is fitting for any mom who loves baking cookies or any other type of baked good. In a large mason jar, add in all the dry ingredients, making sure to include the directions on the jar. When it's time to bake, the only ingredients mom will need are eggs, butterand vanilla extract. This blog post includes a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but feel free to use any cookie recipe mom enjoys like our red velvet crinkles or fudge brownie cookies.

And maybe it's not such a bad to include a bottle of wine with this homemade food gift. I don't think she would be disappointed with a cookie mix and wine gift on Mother's Day! Get the recipe here.

6. Homemade Hot Sauce

A food gift for the mom who likes to add some spice to every meal. The hot sauce recipe is so easy to make-just broil the peppers and blend all the ingredients in a food processor. You can even make a fun homemade hot sauce gift set-make this recipe multiple times using a bunch of peppers with different heat levels to see which one she likes best.

Can't think of anything better for the mom who puts hot sauce on her hot sauce! Here's the recipe.

7. Fresh Fruit Bouquet

Surprise mom this Mother's Day with a homemade fresh fruit bouquet set in a pretty container. You can make this at home with the kids by using festive cookie cutters and fresh fruit.

Might not be a bad idea to add in some truffles or chocolate-covered strawberries, too! This DIY gift idea is inexpensive and totally Pinterest worthy! She'll definitely be impressed to know that you made it. Here are the directions.

8. Ice Cream Sundae Kit

This gift set is perfect for any mom who is an ice cream fanatic. This food gift is complete with waffle cones and a variety sprinkles & candies, but feel free to include her favorite toppings like almonds, peanuts or crushed Oreos. This gourmet gift box also includes homemade fudge sauce, which is just perfect for drizzling.

And don't forget to include a gift card to the store so she can pick up her favorite ice cream or just bring it with you and enjoy an ice cream sundae with mom. Here are the directions.

9. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark might not sound so exciting, but this isn't any old chocolate bark. It's so elegant and topped with edible flowers, glitter, and sprinkles. Make sure to use quality white chocolate so you can add in a splash of food coloring.

Whip up a batch (or two!) and wrap it in a pretty gift box and watch mom's eyes light up when she opens up this gorgeous Mother's Day gift. Here is the recipe.

10. Homemade Cookie Butter

Forget the store-bought stuff! If mom has a sweet tooth, she's going to love this recipe for homemade cookie butter. Make her a gift set filled with a sampler of cookie butters or stick to just one type and she will definitely be a happy camper on Mother's Day.

These cookie butters are perfect paired with pretzels, fresh fruit, even by the spoonful. Truly one of the best ways for mom to indulge a little. Here's the recipe.

11. DIY Bread Mix

There's nothing better than a loaf of fresh, homemade bread. Mom will feel like a professional baker with this no-knead bread mix that will make a delicious loaf. The only ingredients she'll need for this Mother's Day food gift are water and apple cider vinegar, which I'm sure she always has around in the kitchen. For some extra flavor, add in dried herbs to the mix like rosemary and thyme.

Complete this gift set with some essential tools like a wooden spoon, dish towels, and a bowl. Here's the recipe.

This article was originally published on May 8, 2019.

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