109-year-old bacon
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109-Year-Old Woman Credits Bacon for Her Long and Happy Life

Illinois resident Ruth Benjamin recently celebrated her 109th birthday and she says bacon, kraut and potatoes have helped her live a lengthy life.

Surrounded by friends, family and her doctor, WGN stopped by her birthday soiree to get a few life tips from the bacon lover. When they asked her how she made it to 109, she revealed her belief that a consistent diet has helped her age gracefully.

"I have potatoes some way every day," she quietly explained. "I love kraut... and I love bacon."


Benjamin's doctor had another explanation for her impressive aging. "She obviously has a wonderful cardiovascular system, a wonderful immune system," Dr. Jim Turner explained. "Hard work, a loving family, a wonderful marriage... She never drank. She never smoked but she was happy, and I think that was the key to her longevity."

Ruth did say she's been "happy and that means a lot," and having a husband for 43 years contributed to that happiness. Well, her hubby and bacon!

If her longtime desire for bacon wasn't enough to make you love Benjamin, her birthday wish may do the trick. She asked for "a pair of jeans with bling" for her big day — and her wish came true! You can see her posing with her blinged out denim in the clip above.

So next time your doctor tries to tell you to lay off crispy bacon in the morning, send him this link and channel your inner Ruth Benjamin.

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