105-Year-Old Texas Woman Says Dr Pepper is Her Secret to Aging

Fort worth resident Elizabeth Sullivan celebrated her 104th birthday in 2015. She says one of her secrets to aging is Dr Pepper.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Dr Pepper, while delicious, is loaded with sugar, but that hasn't slowed down Sullivan.

"Everybody tells me it has too much sugar in it, but since I've been drinking three a day for 50-60 years, evidently my body needs it," Sullivan told CNN.

Sullivan said that, aside from child birth and getting her tonsils removed, she's never been hospitalized, and doctors can't find anything wrong with her.

"Two doctors told me that if I drink [Dr Pepper], I'll die," Sullivan said. "They died first."

Dr. Pepper, I think you've found your new spokeswoman.

Despite her old age, Sullivan is still vibrant as ever. She recently threw out the first pitch at a Rangers game. A widow, Sullivan maintains her independence. She has two children, six grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren, and they all want her to live with them. But Sullivan doesn't want to leave her Fort Worth home, which she's lived in since 1942.

I wouldn't want to leave, either.

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