1,000 Texans Rallied to Make This 6-Year Old’s Birthday Unforgettable

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Get ready to fight back tears, because this story is about as heartwarming as they come.

None of her friends showed up to her sixth birthday, but Alexis Barnes got the party she deserved. A week after Alexis was left alone on her birthday, over 1,000 people came to celebrate the Spring, Texas kiddo.

Alexis’ mother, Jessica, took to Facebook following Alexis’ lonely birthday, which brought out a flood of support from the community.

“We didn’t ask for this. This wasn’t our intention,” Jessica Barnes posted. “We just wanted to share that its close to the holidays, and birthdays are hard for kids.”

Barnes had no desire to receive the pity of her friends. She was simply airing out her frustrations. That being said, the post went viral amongst Barnes’ friends and strangers alike, who took it upon themselves to make it right.

That’s where Charlie Diggs came in and began planning the surprise party for a total stranger. The re-do birthday party idea caught on fast, and before long, hundreds of people were confirmed for the celebration.

Alexis thought she was going to take family portraits, only to be surprised with a giant party in her name. She was showered with countless gifts from those in attendance and from people all over the country. So many gifts in fact, that Alexis family will donate a large portion to a Galveston orphanage.

Even though things might be trying during the holidays, its always nice to see a sweet story like Alexis’. Consider your faith in humanity restored by these great Texans.

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1,000 Texans Rallied to Make This 6-Year Old’s Birthday Unforgettable