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Now's Your Chance to Try a $100 Margarita

Would you ever try a $100 margarita? Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is debuting something special for Saturday, May 5. What could possibly be the occasion? Oh right, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby both converge on May 5 this year, making for an extra special Derby de Mayo. If you want to take your celebrations to the next level, then you have to see just what this $100 Prime Margarita is all about from Fleming's.

The upscale restaurant is serving up the Cinco de Mayo classic from May 4 through May 6. The glass is Baccarat crystal and known as the Diamant Highball because it features diamond-cut crystal. Crystal for royalty, Baccarat is a French crystal manufacturing company that only produces specially commissioned items. If you were to purchase the set of glassware, it'd run you $280. Fleming's, however, is offering both the margarita and glass at $100 and take it home, too. So yes, this is a margarita in which you are basically paying for the Diamant Highball glass.

It's not the only reason, though. This decadent cocktail features Tequila Herradura Selección Suprema Extra Añejo and Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire. It's served inside that Baccarat crystal glass that you'll probably never use again, but stare at lovingly from afar if you splurge. The first-ever extra-añejo tequila isn't your run of the mill booze, either.

It's aged for 49 months and was introduced by Casa Herradura in 1995. It's famous for claiming multiple awards with its notes of rich vanilla beans and dried fruit. The margarita itself has fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and a lime wheel garnish, but nothing more. A true margarita, this is certainly one cocktail and fancy glass from a crystal-maker for your bucket list. It's not just in Texas, either. It's available in Fleming's Steakhouse locations nationwide, from Philadelphia to Fresno, California.

Is this how you'll celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year? Let us know in the comments if you'd ever consider ordering this with its Baccarat Diamant Highball glass.

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